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As spring is springing this time of year, the hills are alive with the sound of music (from the birds, mostly). And so are the blogs and the concert venues and the myspace music pages. Music festivals are being launched, the Red Rocks line-up is in queue and tickets sought after. It’s only a short road until summer’s melodic hum quenches the winter silence along the front range.

As a guide to all things musical, magical and rad (for Coloradoans and those across the globe), I must start this post by introducing y’all to the Fuel Friends blog and it’s accomplished, smart and stunning Blogess, Heather Brown. http://fuelfriends.blogspot.com/ Because of this wonderful blog, which is usually the first thing I check every day, my ipod has never been more sated with such a wide range of rockin & mellow music, all equally fabulous and ahead of any trends.

One of the fellows on the local Boulder scene has become a fast favorite of mine: Gregory Alan Isakov. I refer to him as The Gregory. He is at once folky and a medley of other fabulous sounds. Together with his band, The Freight, they make the most beautiful music that stir the soul in the most pleasantly surprising and placating ways. And, I give equally high praises to his website: http://www.gregoryalanisakov.com/ Creative and intimate, with a touch of whimsy and nostalgia and memories of memories. If you’re around the Boulder bubble on April 17th, check out his show at the Boulder Theater.

I became been a fan of Denver’s own Stuart Davis via his episodes on YouTube, and recently, from his latest album, Something Simple (which has been featured on the new movie Drillbit Taylor (with my personal favorite: Owen Wilson)). All this recent emergence of newness and growth from this artist has also resulted in a new website, that truly rocks visually and functionally (be sure to scroll down below the foundation). http://www.stuartdavis.com/

One of the most adorable band websites that I’ve ever seen (and wish I had, honestly) belongs to the ‘Lucky’ band Nada Surf, who’s latest CD is as rockin as their star-struck, cricket chirping website. This makes them popular in my book: http://www.nadasurf.com/

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