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From the left corner, Yahoo has joined the fight with Axis Search Browser. One more player joins the existing battle between the big three: Google, Yahoo and Bing. How will this iOS browser compete?

Positioning: Where is Axis going to fit in?

Yahoo Axis is positioned not as a competitor with the big three, but as an integrated plug-in for existing browsers. Many browsers are only used on certain platforms, for example you can’t download Firefox on an Ipad. The Yahoo Axis “search browser” is able to be downloaded on desktops, and even your Iphone and Ipads. When using an Iphone or Ipad the search bar rests at the top of the screen providing a more typical location for search queries. For desktops the plug-in sits at the bottom of your browser screen; if a search is to be performed it will show Yahoo results. Below is an image for the use of Yahoo Axis:

Yahoo Axis Tutorial


Pricing: All good, but what’s it going to cost me?

It’s FREE! What drives the internet, what has always been the greatest gift of the internet is the freedom of information and applications. You can download Yahoo Axis at: www.axis.yahoo.com in one click of a button the plug-in begins to download and integrate into your browser.


User Benefits: Why should I download one more plug-in?

If you sign-in to your personal Google, Yahoo or Facebook account, Axis offers you personalized features always within your browser screen. Such as bookmarks to keep your pages organized which allow you to pick right up where you left off if you switch from your Iphone to your Ipad. Bookmarks are common, what makes Axis bookmarks worth using? You know when you are sifting through you bookmarks and you can’t remember what you named that really interesting site what you were dying to go back to? Axis offers visual bookmarks with a small thumbnail that may jog your memory faster than your ambiguous title.


Yahoo Axis Browser


Yahoo understood one very important trend as technology evolves; users are viewing the web on more than one device. Axis is able to be integrated across multiple devices, this allows users to save bookmarks and searches and revisit them easily when changing to a new platform.

Axis on mobile offers users a simple process of sharing on social media platforms. No more of the copy and pasting of URL’s to share a link that in the end doesn’t have a thumbnail. By browsing websites through Axis you can then immediately Pin it, Tweet or share it via e-mail. The biggest potential win is the integration of social media platforms with the Axis search browser.

Future of AxisYahoo Axis Logo: Where do they plan to go next?

Given that their mobile platform offers simple social media integration, Axis is plans on branching into the Android platform. With high hopes that Yahoo will gain search engine traffic, they will continue to expand their Axis search browser ultimately offering users a better search experience.

The big question: Is it worth downloading?

Yes, yes we attempt something and Google creates something better. Should I download Yahoo Axis? Or wait to see Google’s response? If you are a huge bookmark user and can’t stand that you have made a bookmark which was never found again, Axis is perfect for all your browsing needs. If you use your Ipad or Iphone often to search and find new gems to post on your social media walls, then Axis may be the solution you’ve been waiting for. It may offer new functionality, new positioning, but I don’t believe it will have a revolutionary impact on internet browsers.  

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