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Viral Pins, that’s the goal right?

Everyone wants to create pins that have a high frequency of re-pinning. Fortunately around 75% of all actions on Pinterest are pins being repinned. Based on our attraction habits we are more likely to click on links that are associated with images. When entering a search query, our eyes are immediately drawn to the posts with images and YouTube thumbnails. Understanding this, it is easy to see how Pinterest has become such a viral collaboration of images.


Successful Marketing tips for Pins

 1. Create Attention Grabbing Images

This may seem like a no-brainer to you, but taking the time to pick the correct image out options is very important. For example, an attention grabbing image may be something that is not obvious and takes a closer look in order to understand what is going on. Giving users the feeling that they have discovered and found something unique, enticing them to re-pin and share it with their friends.

Pinterest Jellyfish Image

The image to the left is a pin that was posted by dream-marauders Tumblr account. There are plenty of images of jellyfish, but he chose one that was attention grabbing, it made you want to look at it longer to appreciate the full beauty of jellyfish. This particular image has received 682 repins and 332 Facebook likes.

Pick an eye-catching attention grabbing image. 

2. Find pins from your existing site

Chances are that the images on your site satisfy the needs to depict your business and grab your attention, after all you did pick them for your site. By pinning them you are able to place an image to describe your services. You can also change your username to the URL of your website, this way you offer an easy link back to your website. 

3. Brand your Images

Brand equity will always be important, don’t forget in the midst of all the social media, continuing to build your brand awareness should be at the forefront of your mind. Think of branding your images in more than the traditional form of simply adding your logo to an image. One unique idea that retail outlets do, is enticing shoppers to post pins of their favorite outfits from Traditional Clothing. This tactic is fantastic in that you are able to see what the fashion trend is and the individual posting themselves automatically markets your products for you.

4. If you want to Sell, Pin with Prices

Pins that have prices associated with them are more likely to get repinned and liked. The mindset of Pinterest is to peruse through a bunch of images and collect the images you like by repinning them, but do you like it enough to buy it? Don’t make Pinterest users click on your image, find your website, find the product, and then decide based on the price if they really want to buy it. Be up front and put the price on your image, guaranteed you will see higher conversion rates on your products and a lower bounce rate once users have finally found the price.

5. Encourage Comments and Feedback

This rule applies for all Social Media outlets. Even though Pinterest feels like a new form of Social Media you are still reaching for the most re-pins (shares), comments, likes and overall customer reach. Use your caption, it is like having a small web page where you only get a few lines of description, that capital is very expensive so use it well. Ask people for their opinions. Don’t discourage counting opinions, and make the topic something worth chatting about.


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