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2017 has been a big year for Magento so far. Magento has been named a leader by Gartner for Digital Commerce, named a leader in B2B Commerce by Forrester, having record growth in Europe this year and more.

At Magento Live UK 2017 Magento announced a rebranding of its core products.

This rebranding includes a change in product naming for many of the products with which we are familiar. So, what are these name changes, how do they affect you and how do they indicate the direction Magento is headed?


A New Era for Commerce


Magento announced the renaming of their core products to “better align to customer needs, and reflect growing adoption of the technology platform.” The renaming involves a simplifying of naming conventions and gives some insight into the future of the platform. The entire suite of products is now known as “Magento Cloud.”

  • Magento Community Edition is now known as: Magento Open Source
  • Magento Enterprise Edition is now known as: Magento Commerce
  • Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition: Magento Commerce
  • Magento Commerce Order Management: Magento Order Management


Magento Open Source


Magento Open Source remains true to its former roots as Magento Community Edition. This is the free version of the Magento platform aimed to meet the basic needs of online merchants.


Magento Open Source Website Page


Magento states that the name change is to reflect the contributions of the global Magento community to the platform.

Learn more about Magento Open Source!

Magento Commerce


Magento Commerce signifies the merger of two Magento products – Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition.

Cloud hosting is now being offered for both products and two new price pans have been introduced to differentiate the sets of features.


Magento Commerce Payment Tiers


The Magento Commerce Starter plan includes the core features previously offered on the Magento Enterprise Edition alongside cloud hosting, deployment, and 24x7 email support.

The Magento Commerce Pro plan includes all of the Magento Enterprise Edition features, cloud hosting, deployment, 24x7 email support, the Magento Business Intelligence suite for no additional monthly charge, dedicated hardware, dedicated launch manager, and high availability infrastructure.

You can learn about the different plans and compare them easily on the Magento website.


So What Does this All Mean?


The change in naming convention among Magento products can be seen as a direct shift in how Magento is looking at the future of eCommerce and the future of the Magento platform.

Magento Commerce is Magento’s flagship platform. The shift in name change suggests a growing focus on promoting this platform and increasing merchant subscriptions.

The combination of Magento Enterprise and Magento Enterprise Cloud editions (with the option to select from two price plans) suggests that Magento sees the need to increase its offerings on this platform to promote adoption over the Magento Open Source (free) platform.

Customer Paradigm Senior Developer, Mike Stacey, suggests at recent Colorado Magento Meetup, that the removal of the “e” from eCommerce and simply using commerce implies that there is now less of a division between online and offline commerce. If you want to be successful as a merchant you must have some roots in selling online.


Closing Thoughts


Magento has been making huge moves to push out improvements to the different Magento platforms, as well as acquire new technology to improve the Magento platforms. In the face of growing competition, it’s clear Magento is making moves to become an all-inclusive, modern, eCommerce platform that offers the right solution for all merchants.

Don’t know which Magento platform is right for your business? Thinking about moving from Magento Open Source to Magento Commerce? Customer Paradigm can help! Connect with us today to talk with a certified Magento expert who can help you reach your eCommerce goals.

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