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What is SEO?

Understanding “What is SEO”?

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

What does it mean to optimize your search engine? 

It is not optimizing your search engine, more optimizing your website for a search engine. What is a search engine you ask? A search engine is a program that retrieves websites based on your search query. For example, Google.com is the most popular search engine as well as Bing.com, Yahoo.com and other various search engines.

What is a Search Query? 

Glad you asked, a search query is whatever you type into your Search Engine bar (Google.com). Search queries in the SEO world are referred to as Keywords. Now that we have the SEO jargon deciphered we are able to understand the fuel and motives behind true SEO work.

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SEO increases website traffic towards your Conversion Goals!

Customer Paradigm Understanding SEO


What is an Increase in Website Rankings?

Rankings are the position you have when a Keyword is typed in the search query bar. For example, if you offer massage services and someone types in the search query:

Customer Paradigm Example Google Search QueryRanking #1 for you keyword term is valuable internet capital on average the #1 rank receives 35-40% of all clicks. If you fall to the second page only 30% of users click on a link beyond the first page of results. That may not seem like a lot, but as you rank lower the percentage of clicks steadily decreases. SEO works to increase your rankings and  can get you closer to the top, ultimately increasing website traffic and reaching your conversion goals.


Is Customer Paradigm the right fit for your SEO needs?

At Customer Paradigm, we don’t put clients through a cookie cutter of SEO treatment. It is fundamental for our SEO team to have a deep understanding of your goals for your website. With every project you will have direct access to a phone number to reach your SEO manager. We are NOT a distant company where you’re never sure if someone is really working on the other end of your project, you’ll have a voice to put behind your SEO efforts.

If your goal is to grow brand awareness, increase conversions for your eCommerce site or to simply increase impressions and visibility our SEO tactics will bend to meet your goals.

  • You are NEVER locked into a long contract
    Many SEO firms require you to be bound in a long contract to which you are not seeing any results. Even if you want to switch to Customer Paradigm’s SEO team, you have to maintain your contract while you could be increasing your website rankings with strong SEO services. We are confident of our work, and we work hard to drive results for your website every month.
  • Access to a REAL voice for your SEO management
    I know it’s unheard of, but there will be a voice to answer your call during the day. Doubting it? Try it now.. call us at 303.473.4400. Don’t let your project be sifted back to one in the crowd, let a company that understands the truth that businesses are only as good as the relationships we form along the way.
  • No CPC “mark-up” costs
    CPC is a cost-per-click form of Google advertising. It is very profitable for businesses who are looking to acquire new customers. But, many SEO firms will mark-up the costs for running a campaign by charging you a percentage of the campaign. This unfortunately causes many SEO firms to persuade you into increasing your budget which increases their profits. Not at Customer Paradigm, every dollar you put towards your CPC campaigns will go towards acquiring customers, we only charge for the time to manage your campaign during the month.


Customer Paradigm’s SEO Team

Alright, we admit we are a passionate group of SEO geeks. We are constantly reading up on the new trends of SEO, trying new tactics and fervently working to keep up with Google and their algorithm updates. When signing up with Customer Paradigm for SEO, our search engine optimization tasks begin:

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