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Wedding Photography in Colorado

Congratulations! You’re going to get married!

A wedding lasts less than an hour, but photographs will last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for the perfect photographer for your wedding ceremony in Colorado or beyond, Jeff Finkelstein may be the right choice. Click here to have Jeff contact you now >> Or call 303.473.4400.

Jeff Finkelstein, is a professional wedding photographer (based in Boulder, Colorado), and can capture your wedding ceremony memories in a way you’ll love.

Wedding Photographer in Boulder

You can see much of his event-specific photography here:

View more of Jeff Finkelstein’s photography here:

What Makes Jeff Finkelstein’s Wedding Photography Spectacular?

Bride and Groom KissingAll Digital Photography. All bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah photos are shot digitally using professional-grade equipment. We can also retouch acne or bad skin, too. So if someone has a last minute breakout (due to pre-ceremony stress), we can make them look flawless.

Full, High Resolution Files. In addition, you’ll receive the full, high-resolution digital files of your wedding photos. With the high-resolution photos from your wedding, you can:

  • Upload your wedding photos to a photo sharing site like Shutterfly
  • Add them to your FaceBook page
  • Take them to a local photo processing center (Target, King Soopers) and have them printed.
  • Create albums and slideshows online
  • Frame the wedding photos
  • Have them blown up to 20×40 size or more, and print on canvas (gallery wrap style)

Meet Before To Discuss Your Style. Before your big wedding day, you’ll meet with Jeff Finkelstein at our Boulder, Colorado office to discuss your wedding photo desires. For example, some people want an edgy / gritty urban look. Others excel in outdoor spaces, and want a natural look with mountains, streams and rock in the background. Depending on your personality, we can tailor the look, feel and group and family photography to match the personality and style of your ceremony.

Invitation and Engagement Photos. We can also shoot photos before that you can use for Facebook, invitations or slide shows.

The best wedding images are ones that make the bride and groom shine as individuals, while bringing out their collective personality. Your wedding photos will be a unique reflection of your relationship and commitment to each other.

Jeff Finkelstein – Wedding Photographer Bio:

Bride and GroomJeff Finkelstein is a Boulder-based professional photographer that specializes in weddings, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs (as well as action-oriented outdoor adventure photography). His images are featured on the Adventure Rabbi website, and have been published in hundreds of publications in dozens of countries. He has images on permanent display in museums in three countries, has received paid contracts from the National Geographic organization for his images, and will have thirty images featured in an upcoming book by Kar-Ben publishing. A member of the National Press Photographers Association, Finkelstein is not often seen without his camera.

Action Wedding Photography by Jeff Finkelstein

Action Photography. Do you want a photographer who can ski backwards through black-diamond ski runs while holding a digital camera?

As a former professional ski patroller, Jeff can capture some of the most challenging high-speed shots of action.

Or do you want someone who can climb mountains, rock climb, or shoot photos while on a bicycle? Not a problem…

Advantages of Being Married to Clergy.
One of the advantages of hiring a wedding photographer that’s married to a person who officiates at weddings, is that Jeff is familiar with all aspects of the wedding ceremony, and knows how to get the shots that you’ll love. If a non-informed photographer, for example, doesn’t know about the “little” moments, including blessings by the rabbi and more, you may miss out on shots that can’t be re-created later.

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