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Your Website Content is Stale & Old

Have you been to a website that featured a press release from five years ago? Or mentioned that they’ll be visiting a trade show that happened last fall? Not every website needs to be updated each day or each month. But customers can tell when a site is stale and old. Would you eat at a restaurant that displays wilted lettuce in the window and dusty silverware on the tables?


When your website doesn’t reflect all of the current products and services you offer, or highlights outdated events, what you are telling your customers is that your company is focused on the past and is stagnant. You wouldn't eat an old, moldy apple. Make sure your website is up to date. To a site visitor, it unconsciously conveys that you are not staying current in your industry, and learning new techniques, tools, and tricks that can add more value to your relationship and keep you more competitive.


The usual obstacles to updating a site: No content management system. If your site doesn’t have an easy-to-use content management system, then you have to either learn how to use a complicated software package like Dreamweaver, or you have to call or email someone to update the site. In the time it takes to call or email someone, and have them make the change, you could have done it yourself (assuming you had a content management system).


Nobody in the company has clear ownership of the site. If nobody’s tasked with updating the site, it often is neglected. A tired design can also reflect on your company poorly. What might have looked great five years ago might indicate to people that your company hasn’t updated its products or services in the past few years. Styles, colors and even ways of interacting on the Web changes over time. Remember, the Web is still a pretty new medium for communicating with people.

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