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Your Links Don’t Look Like Links

People know that on the Internet, if something is blue and underlined, it’s a link.

If a graphic says: Click here >> … you can figure out what to do pretty easily.


Okay, if it’s red and underlined, people can usually still figure it out. But often links may be a slight shade darker than the text. And the only way to figure out how to navigate beyond the home page of your site is to move your mouse around and try to “discover” what you’re supposed to click on.

(Taken from Inovis’s site, from their Events section) People are busy. They’re often multi-tasking. They might be on the phone with someone, or watching TV. Make sure that when someone is on your site, they don’t have to expend a lot of additional cognitive resources trying to figure out where they should go. Let them focus instead on interacting with your company.

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