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A quick note:

If you’re having trouble with USPS shipping quotes on your Magento site, there’s a reason why:

The United States Postal Service just changed their system (effective today), and it changes the way that USPS works with Magento. Beyond the API changes, they also renamed: • Parcel Post is now renamed to “Standard Post.” • First-Class Mail International Parcel has been renamed “First-Class Package International Service.”

There are patches available for Magento Enterprise Edition, as well as Magento Community.

If you’re using USPS as a shipping method or shipping quote on your Website, and you’re having trouble with USPS shipping rates on Magento, it’s likely because you need to apply the patch.

Let us know if you need assistance with this – our team of Certified Magento Developers is here to help get your site back up and running quickly. Call 303.473.4400 or visit here to have someone contact you now. This is something we can take care of quickly for you.

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