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Many Magento sites are developed in a sub-domain (i.e. shop.yourdomain.com) during a testing phase, and then when it`s time to go live with the site, the store is just left in the subdomain… because it`s easier.

This is another top Magento eCommerce SEO mistake to avoid. Read more below >>

Magento SEO Mistake #5: Default Subdomains

We see a lot of sites every week. And one of the most common SEO mistakes are Magento storefront websites that use a subdomain.

For example, if you used the term, shop.yourdomain.com, the subdomain (shop) doesn`t confer any SEO-value from the URL string, or from other pages on the root domain. To Google and other search engines, this subdomain is treated as a completely separate entity.

For example:

… are all treated as three different websites by Google. Relevant content, inbound links, social media shares… are all split across each and counted separately.

Instead, it`s better to use a structure like this:
www.yourdomain.com/ (main site, may include eCommerce)
www.yourdomain.com/blog/ (blog site)
www.yourdomain.com/shop/ (eCommerce site, if separate from other site)

We have found that moving a Magento store from the subdomain shop.yourdomain.com –> www.yourdomain.com/shop can help increase a store`s rankings considerably.

Let me know if you`d like me to help test this out for your site. We can often fix things like this very quickly… with dramatic results.


Jeff FinkelsteinFounder, Customer Paradigm
Jeff Finkelstein
Founder, Customer Paradigm


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