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The Bottom Line Store | Case Study

Feb 14, 2018 | Blog, Case Studies

About Our Client

Bottom Line Store is passionate about helping customer’s live a happier, healthier lifestyle with a curated selection of high quality personal-care, household and organic products. Bottom Line Store takes the stress out of buying products for a healthy lifestyle.

Development Goals

Bottom Line Store came to us when they began facing a lot of challenges with their previous Magento 1.x framework, particularly with how this framework interacted with their order fulfillment system.

Their primary goal was to streamline how their Magento system and fulfillment system interacted so that they could run their business efficiently and spend more time focusing on their marketing efforts. They needed a system that would integrate multi-warehouse and drop shipping systems within their Magento system.

The original Magento 1 version of the bottomlinestore homepage
Magento 2 homepage for Bottomlinestore
The Bottom Line Store – Before & After
bottomlinestore on two laptop screens

The Delivery

Our project management team was able to successfully fluctuate the scope of this project as needed throughout development. We were able to anticipate the changing needs that arise during a Magento 2 migration and successfully include all of the features that the client needed to run their business.

We completed all development in time for the critical Black Friday shopping date. Now, that the client has a clean, intuitive system that they feel comfortable using, they are able to focus on their marketing campaigns and have a store they feel proud to drive traffic to.

Search Functionality

The Bottom Line Store has a large and eclectic catalog. Because of this, it is crucial that customers can effectively search the store to find the products they are looking for. We integrated improved site-wide search functionality with the Celebros extension and restructured their product data to include additional attributes for advanced searching. The new search features are more dynamic and make it simple for their customers to find the products they are looking for and complete their purchases.

Gif of search functions on BottomLineStore

Order Fulfillment System

The Bottom Line Store came to us using a custom built order fulfillment system that was coded in an outdated language and struggled to integrate with their Magento system. We moved them to a modernized, managed system provided by Logicbroker that integrates seamlessly with their new Magento 2 system. Moving to this system has allowed The Bottom Line Store to automate a lot of their internal processes that previously would have required a customer service representative.



increase in site sessions

1.99 s

average page load time


increase in registered customers

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