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Need a way to charge shipping based on items in Magento vs. Weight? Read more below:

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One of our clients wanted to set up his Magento Store for flat rate shipping, based on the following layout:

  • $5.99 for 1-2 items
  • $7.99 for 3-5 items
  • $9.99 for 6-10 items
  • More than 10 items = Free Shipping

Most shipping modules are based on the product’s weight — so if each product weighs 1/2 pound, you can calculate USPS, UPS or FedEx based on each products’ weight.

Instead, for Magento client, www.RUReppin.com, a T-shirt seller, they wanted to use the USPS Flat Rate shipping for their site.

Unlike the built-in functionality (based on product weight), they wanted to vary the rate not be the weight of the items, but by the number of items.

The concept was that they know how many t-shirts will fit in each size USPS Flat Rate shipping box.

However, simply charging a flat rate per-product wouldn’t work: For example, 3 to 5 shirts can fit in a small box; while any quantity between 6 to 16 shirts fit into a large box.

The solution to this in Magento eCommerce is called “Table Rate Shiping.” To implement this, we created a CSV file with the number of items versus the shipping rate.

Magento Table Rate Shipping CSV Screenshot

After uploading the CSV file, Magento reads and parses the file to calculate the shipping rate for each order.


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