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Immediate Magento Support

Magento Certified developersIs your Magento site broken or down? Contact us today by filling out our Magento Support Form here, or call us toll free: 888.772.0777 or 303.473.4400. Do you need access to immediate support for your Magento stores on occasion? We offer a variety of services and solutions for Magento stores big and small to ensure that your site stays up and running. Customer Paradigm can also consult with your company to ensure the different aspects of your store are taken care of properly so your site never goes down. From regular website backups, to setting up development or staging sites Customer Paradigm can help you ensure that your site is protected. Making sure that all development done on your site is done on a development or staging site is essential to preventing issues on your live site. We always test all our development on a staging site to ensure that our changes to not cost your company any sales. Plus depending on the levels of customization needed and how your own internal development proceeds we can set up multiple staging sites, so that our developers and your developers do not overwrite each others changes. We can also work with your current hosting company or suggest better hosting solutions for your company to ensure your site doesn’t go down. A good Magento hosting company should provide regular backups to files and databases as well as sufficient security measures to ensure your website is protected. Cloud hosting is another great solution for websites that get high volumes of traffic. Check out our Magento hosting partner Nexcess here.

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