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Social Media Integration

How Does Magento Handle Social Media Integration?

Arguably, the best part about Magento is the fact that it is open source; which means that the base code is available in its entirety for developers to see and modify. Therefore, with the arrival of the social web, Magento has seamlessly integrated social media into their platform in the form of extensions. The beauty of having social media extensions instead of building it directly into the source code is flexibility.

As time goes on, more and more social channels are going to open, and instead of needing to re-work the code every time you want to include the new network on your site, you can simply install or update to the newest extension. There are three ways that social aspects can be incorporated into your Magento ecommerce design; one for optimizing conversions, one for sharing, and one to create a social aspect on your site.

Social Media Account Creation and Conversion Enhancer

The Magento Developers at Customer Paradigm have experimented with nearly every social media extension available on the web. Our commitment to providing maximum value to our customers has led to the creation of a permanent state of internal development for Magento. Essentially, we have a number of web properties with the Magento eCommerce platform installed strictly for testing purposes.

Our philosophy as a company is threefold; we aim to help you Acquire more clients, Engage them, and then Retain them for future purposes. For this purpose, we highly recommend the Facebook Link extension for your ecommerce store. Not simply a Facebook integration for your site, not only does this extension allow your customer to share their purchase or browsing over the largest social network, if they have a complete profile, it allows Magento to aut0-populate most of the information necessary to create a user account on your site. H

ow does this benefit you? The statistics are simple, and irrefutable; in our A/B Split Testing it became immediately obvious that the number of steps you remove between first deciding to convert and actually supplying payment information increases your chances of a successful sale. Customer Paradigm aims to make your business more successful, and what better way to do that than helping your visitors convert?

Social Sharing Extension; Getting the Word Out

The only thing worse than a visitor not converting is a visitor simply leaving your site without interacting at all. Whilst it is completely unreasonable to expect every single person that sees your site will buy something, there is still value in those users. Enter Social Power Share, an exceptional extension for Magento aimed at one thing, increasing the capability for users to share your content over all major social networks.

The advantage that ecommerce sites have over most other websites is the sharable content contained there. Everyone loves a good deal, a unique design, or innovative product; and the probability of someone sharing a product is much higher than a blog post.

Especially in the case of Pinterest, a social network completely designed around sharing images and linking to the site that hosts it. Even if someone cannot afford to convert at a current time, many people have a “board” dedicated solely to products they wish they could have. Every one of your products that gets pinned to one of those boards increases the visibility of that product. This extension is a powerful way to allow your visitors to interact with your site; and at the end of the day, people love sites that they can interact with.

Social Integration Within your Magento PlatformMagento Certified Business

Lets assume you have the extension that allows people to set up their own account on your ecommerce site with the Facebook Link extension AND you have made sharing extremely easy with the Power Share extension. All of these implementations send your visitors off-site instead of keeping them on your site. The Expert Magento Developers at Customer Paradigm saw the same issue, and stepped up to create a solution.

We have the capability to create a pseudo social network built directly into your Magento theme! This is no simple extension that can be downloaded by anyone, so your site will have a feature unlike any other Magento store on the web, and it replaces the need for a conventional forum. Users can share links and products with one another, review your products, and provide feedback and help to other registered users on your site.

The power of this implementation is virtually unlimited when you assign an employee to moderate this new forum. Now, people can share and interact with your company in a way they are completely accustomed to; since it mimics the functionality of most social networks. People can update their profiles, post, and speak directly to the moderators who can keep threads and conversations alive. This gives your users yet another aspect of value, and brings them back again and again!

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