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Are you increasing your social engagement?

The name of the game is receiving relevant and interested followers across your various social media platforms. You can be sharing the most useful, interesting, or entertaining content around but if no one views it, it’s worth next to nothing and provides little value to your business. But, through a great social media strategy you can grow your customer base and engagement to ultimately increase word of mouth marketing and conversions.

43% of consumers are more likely to buy when learning about it from social media

Is your business leveraging the strength of social media?

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Social Conversations

Are you engaging with your customers with social media and conversation? Photo by Jeff Finkelstein.

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Social Proof is seen through human behavior where people are more likely to take an action if they know someone who has already taken that same action. When people see others responding to your social media strategy and posts, they are more likely to engage with you as well. The purpose of increasing social conversions is pretty straight forward, the more followers you have, the greater the exposure you can expect to receive when posting or sharing content.

However, take note that sheer numbers isn’t entirely what should be sought after, but followers who are actually interested in what you have to say. In regards to Social Media followers, a single quality follower is better than a hundred who are not. Targeted followers have much higher chances of making a purchase, sharing your content, and recommending you to their friends. Social media is all about creating brand advocates.

Word of caution: Don’t fall for the too good to be true instance followers, that go something like “receive X amount of followers for X amount of dollars.”

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At Customer Paradigm, our process for increasing social conversions is extensive and ever-changing. This is because no single tool or process is the most important, and new ones emerge over time. For starters, we ensure that what we create and share is quality content worth promoting. We make sure that our target audience would either find it informative, educational, and/or entertaining.

Our methods vary from taking advantage of customer reviews and testimonials, to the use of analytical tracking to find what works from what doesn’t. We make sharing and following easy with the inclusion of social media buttons and also help develop promotional pieces such as contests to increase engagements. The process of increasing social conversions is only limited by a lack of creativity, and creativity is endless at Customer Paradigm.

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Through focusing on a strong social media conversion strategy you are able to provide engaging and informative content, and as a result you’ll begin to see more and more loyal customers. These loyal customers are the ones that are excited to share your brand among others, driving more traffic and leads to your site.


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