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Is Your Website Fast Enough?

It is important to be mindful of how quickly your website loads because a slow website will cost you sales and a good search ranking position. Site Speed Optimization helps businesses ensure that customers are able to view their site in a reasonable amount of time as Google`s research shows that people who have to wait several agonizingly long seconds for a website to load often abandon that site and move on to another site.

75% of people will not return to a site that takes more than 4 seconds to load

Is your slow website slowing down your business?

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How Fast Is Your Site?

How fast does your site load? As fast as a cheetah can take down prey? Photo by Jeff Finkelstein.


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Site Speed Optimization helps to identify which parts of your website are slowing down the page load time. There are many reasons why your website is lagging behind and it’s important to address them before your customers start avoiding your site. The majority of people reference websites to learn more about a business and their products. If even your most loyal clients won’t look at your site because it’s slow (more than 4 seconds to load), there’s a big problem there.

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The first thing we do to assess your page load time is to run a site speed test. We then look at things like who your web host is, what is the quality and size of your graphics, video, and any other “heavy” content, and database queries. After analyzing your site thoroughly for hiccups, we correct and set up preventative measures where we can to make it easier to maintain faster site speeds.

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More than half of online shoppers say quick page load times affect their loyalty to a site. Improving your site speed to 1-2 seconds or better will significantly improve the quality of the user experience on your site, encouraging them to stay longer, shop more, increase conversions, return to your site, and recommend others to it.


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