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Content Development for Search Engine Optimization

Why is Content Development Integral to On-Site SEO?

We at Customer Paradigm avoid the all-too-common misquote of “Content is King” because there are so many factors that go into search engine ranking. However, as an over-simplified definition, the key to rankings comes down to quality content updated on your site frequently. Quality content does two main things for your website, it continually brings search engine crawlers back to the site to re-index, and keeps visitors on your site. Combining the continual addition of quality content to your site’s blog with other on-site optimization¬†factors is a recipe for Search Ranking success.

Why Do I Need Customer Paradigm to Create Content for me?

This is a fair question, and one that we often get when we offer Content Creation services as a part of a complete On-Site Optimization package. The reason is most succinctly explained below; it is an example of what some SEO Professionals still advertise as search-engine optimized content. While it is correct that keyword usage within content is important for rankings, this is an example of what we call Keyword Stuffing, and as of August 2011, has been rendered completely obsolete. Back before search engine algorithms were more sophisticated, there was less information that could be crawled by the spiders that visited your site.

Then, one of the only ways that a Search Engine could figure out what your site was about was the words on the page; the more the words were used, the more relevant a page was for that term. The current search engine algorithms are far too sophisticated to be fooled by keyword stuffing any longer.

Furthermore, search engines now have human testers working to improve their service, which puts real human beings in front of a computer, and all day they are shown random pages around the internet and are asked the grade the content on a range of factors. The future of search is pretty obvious; quality content that provides real value to readers AND is relevant to the keywords on the site are going to be rewarded, while spammy content will be devalued.

Customer Paradigm has been doing SEO since the start of the industry, and we have been running Pay-Per Click advertising since the founding of Google Adwords. We have experience A/B split testing ad copy to create the most engaging content possible, and that expertise has spilled over into content creation. Every Tuesday we have an SEO Meeting to discuss algorithm changes and how it affects content, so any content we deliver provides the maximum possible value to both the human eye and search engines. To have Customer Paradigm develop content for your site, please fill out the contact form below or call us toll free at 888.772.0777 or 303.473.4400

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