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Search Engine Optimization

Is your site well optimized for your customers to find you via search engines? When they do find your site, do they land on a page that is designed to guide them towards converting? Are you constantly split testing page designs to increase your retention rates? We’ve had great success with helping clients with their search engine needs. We analyze your site from the perspective of search engines and users, then use that information to optimize for usability. Then, a full competitive analysis is performed to help identify weaknesses in your competition. After the report is delivered, that information is used to formulate a complete on-site and off-site strategy that compliments your business and bolsters your ranking for targeted keywords. Our philosophy is to create sustainable and scalable SEO strategies, so integration with CPC campaigns is a breeze. We use the following process to help you optimize your site:

SEO Goals & Strategy Meeting:

  • The first step is for us to review with you the target keywords that you would like your site to appear high in search engine results.
  • Working with you, we set goals and identify KPI’s that will be used to measure our success on an ongoing basis. Depending on what you define as a successful goal, our strategy will tailor to meet your individual marketing needs.

Site Analysis & Review:

  • After the strategy meeting, we next will your review the usability of your current website in detail, to identify current strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
  • One of our SEO Experts will do a full code audit of your site to identify opportunities that you may not even know of. Do your title tags have keywords included in them? Do all of your images have descriptive and optimized alt text?
  • Finally, we review the content of the site itself to prepare for thorough optimization and A/B Split Testing. We look for things like keyword density, readability, providing value to the user, and strong calls to action.

A Quick Breakdown of Our Methodology:

As a baseline for future SEO work, these are the things that we like to have accomplished from the very beginning of working with Customer Paradigm. Search Engine Optimization is like a workout regimen; not only is consistency important, but proper implementation can increase your results even further.

  • Is there relevant content on the site?
  • What keywords are currently being used to find the site?
  • What are the conversion metrics for high-priority keywords?
  • Are there optimized page titles?
  • Does every image have Alt-tags?
  • Is there relevant internal linking structure and is there descriptive anchor text on each link?
  • Is all content readable by search engines? (Minimizing the use of Flash and iFrames)
  • Are your Meta-Tags optimized properly?
  • Is your navigation text based?
  • Have we attempted to flatten your site architecture?
  • Have we created detailed landing pages and formed comprehensive goal funnels?
  • Have we submitted a Search engine-friendly sitemap?
  • What does your Link landscape look like?
  • Do you have links from relevant sites with proper anchor text?

On and Off-Site SEO Tactics:

Based on your individual business, industry trends, and predetermined KPI’s; we will implement the tactics described above. Furthermore, as we optimize your site for usability we will be building links to your site from relevant sites within your industry with proper anchor text. Unlike other SEO companies, we do not spam your website all over the internet indiscriminately, as this could actually hurt your rankings. We also do notoutsource your work to anyone else; our trained SEO experts handle all of the aspects of complete site optimization in-house. If there is a need to create stronger calls to action, a new landing page, or to optimize the design for usability, our programmers are available to help. Far too often we see new clients that have signed SEO contracts with a company that offered an amazing package at an incredible price; the fact is, if the price seems too good to be true, it most likely is. All of our clients enjoy rankings and traffic increases month over month, and have direct contact with a project manager that is intimately knowledgeable about their site and goals. We strive to provide the absolute maximum value for every dollar you spend with Customer Paradigm.

Monthly Reporting & Consultation:

As a part of our setup process, your site is linked to all of our tracking tools. We not only link to your Google Analytics and Adwords, but to software specifically designed to analyze your off-site performance. Furthermore, we also enter your site into a crawl tool to help identify on-site issues that can be rectified for further benefit. Using these tools as a guide, and always keeping your marketing goals in mind, we implement our monthly strategy. At the end of the month, you will receive a report via email, in person, or phone outlining what was accomplished during the month. Since we are constantly analyzing the mountains of data about your site, we also provide recommendations for further improvement. Remember, there is no monthly obligation, so every hour of our budget is used to provide the highest value to our clients. To have Customer Paradigm contact you about Search Engine Optimization, please fill out the contact form below or call us toll free at 888.772.0777 or 303.473.4400

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