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This week`s SEO Myth Debunked article discusses one of the most common myths: We`ll get you to the #1 position on Google. Read More Below >>

SEO Myths Debunked #7:
Top #1 Position on Google

The Myth:
“We guarantee that you will get the top #1 ranking on Google.”

The Dodge:
“The ranking will be for a keyword term that we choose.”

The Facts:
It`s not difficult to rank for an obscure term that nobody searches for and nobody cares about.

It`s much more difficult to rank in competitive industries, where inbound search-related traffic to sites is the engine driving eCommerce websites.

Keyword terms are categorized in two ways:
– Search Volume (how many people are searching for the term each month)
– Competition (how many sites are competing for these keywords)

For example, Customer Paradigm ranks fairly well for the competitive keyword term, “Magento Programmer.”

Search Volume>>

Global: 12,100 monthly searches around the world

US: 2,900 monthly searches in the US

Competition: High. This means a lot of people are trying to rank for this word. Our site is relevant, so we rank high.

For us, this is a great result. Out of 2,900 people who search in the US, our #2 ranking generates approximately 348 clickthroughs to our site each month (approximately 12% of the people searching for the term). Based on a 3% conversion rate on our site, that means 10 new contacts each month for that keyword phrase.

This keyword takes quite a bit of work to rank for. And in Google`s eyes, we have a lot of relevant content and inbound links on your site.

Instead, contrast it to the keyword term, “Magento Upgrade 1.5”

This keyword term has a low competition rate, and only 1,000 global searches per month. Only 210 people in the US search for the term each month.

With low competition, and low search volume, it`s easy to create a page or two that ranks well for this keyword phrase.

Another search term, “Magento RDFa” has only 12 Global searches per month. The search volume is so low that it doesn`t even have a competition score. (But yes, we rank for this term as well.)

The Summary:
If someone tells you they can guarantee your site will come up #1 in Google, ask them for the specific keywords they will guarantee.

Let me know if you`d like us to analyze your keyword list.


Jeff FinkelsteinFounder, Customer Paradigm
Jeff Finkelstein
Founder, Customer Paradigm


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