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Search rankings really do matter. Showing up when a potential customer does a search means you have a chance to interact with them. Not showing up in the top ten means that a competitor gets this chance instead.

In many industries, a page one ranking for a quality, high volume keyword can translate into tens of thousands of dollars a month in business. But less than 0.05% of people go to the second page.

With the stakes so high, there are a lot of myths out there, peddled by people who aren`t always being honest.

I`ve heard from so many of our clients, friends and colleagues recently, who just don`t know what to believe when it comes to search engine optimization.

This next eLearning Series I`m going to devote to top SEO Myths Debunked, and how you can avoid bad SEO practices that not only will waste your money, but could also harm your search rankings.

This week, we`ll focus on the one of the most common SEO myths: the claim that an SEO company has a “special” relationship with Google and knows someone on the inside.

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SEO Myths Debunked #1:
We have an inside person at Google

The Myth:

“We have an inside person at Google that can help us get you to the #1 rank.”

“We have a `special` relationship directly with Google that will help you acheive top search rankings.”

The Dodge:
“He`d get in trouble if we told you his name, we have to keep this on the down-low.”

The Facts:
Google employs 36,118 people worldwide. With Motorola included, the total jumps to 53,546. It`s certainly possible that a search engine optimization person might know someone at the company. But that person might be a janitor, cook, data center expert or a receptionist.

The notion that one sole person out of Google`s 36,118 employees can just go in and tweak the main Google algorithm to favor one site over the other is just not based on factual evidence.

A Google employee would likely be fired on the spot if they even tried to manipulate search rankings.

Google is driven by numbers, testing and the end-user experience. Each year, Google tests more than 20,000 different small changes to its core algorithm. At any given time, there are between 50-150+ different versions of the Google core algorithm running, each testing different methods to be able to deliver the best search results possible for end users. Plus, Google uses your past search history, location, device and many other metrics to personalize your search results.

Automated Safeguards.
Even if someone at Google did manage to change a ranking, there are automated safeguards that bring things back into balance.

For example, Google knows when someone clicks a search result, goes to a page, and then quickly hits the `back` button in their browser (this is called a bounce). This means that the end user probably didn`t find what they were looking for. Too high of a bounce rate, and your search rankings drop automatically. The “inside” person at Google would have to manipulate this safeguard, too.

Very rarely, Google will take what is called a manual corrective action. This usually happens after a national newspaper like The New York Times does a big article exposing some company that has been able to game the system. JC Penny lost rankings, and Google later changed it`s algorithm to prevent abuse like this from happening again in the future.

The Summary:
Anyone pitching SEO that claims they know an inside person at Google who will help manipulate rankings for your company is lying.

I hope you found this SEO Myth Debunked newsletter helpful.

Let me know if you`d like help with your Search Engine Optimization efforts, done right and responsibly.


Jeff FinkelsteinFounder, Customer Paradigm
Jeff Finkelstein
Founder, Customer Paradigm


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