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SEO Calculator – Conversion to Purchase (eCommerce)

eCommerce Website Example


Number of Monthly Searches: <– Enter total # of monthly searches on Google or other search engine into yellow box.
Average Sale from Website: $ <– Enter the average order a customer places on your website
Conversion-to-Purchase Rate: % <– Enter the sales conversion rate (total # of sales / total # of visitors)
Average Additional Orders / Customer: <– Enter how many additional sales a customer is likely to make in the future.


If you were ranked… % Clickthrough # of Visitors Sales / Month Lifetime Value


Explanation: If you rank #1 for a search term that receives 25,000 monthly searches, you will receive 42% of the clickthroughs (on average). If your average customer engagement is $5,000, and you convert 5% of the people who land on your site into leads, and close 25% of those into sales, then you should expect $656,250 in MONTHLY sales from that #1 ranked SEO term. If each customer works with you on 1.75 projects over the course of their purchasing lifetime with you, you’ll generate $1,804,688 in total lifetime sales, based on one month of searches for that term. SEO ranking really matters!

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