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Do you know which keywords you rank for?

Rank tracking is the process of measuring how well your website ranks in different search engine results based on the keywords associated with the site. After much research, a certain number of focused keywords are decided on to optimize your site with and these same keywords are watched to see how effective certain SEO efforts are.

Rank tracking goes beyond Google-ing a business and counting how far down the result shows up as there are many factors that affect who sees what in search results. For example, Google takes into account your location, IP address, and past searches so doing this provides biased results.

34.6% of Clicks Are Through the Top Google Result

Do any of your keywords rank #1?

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Keeping track of how your focused keywords are ranking allows you to know how well certain SEO efforts are doing for your website. Whether it’s onsite or offsite SEO, if you want to start ranking for certain keywords, seeing where they stand originally and months later will help you understand what is working. Having regular keyword research helps refresh stalled keywords and focus your efforts on more beneficial terms. Like most SEO, keyword ranking shows long-term results and does not mean your site will suddenly rank for number one next week.

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One of the first things we do when implementing a SEO strategy is look through the diagnostics and content on your site, and then begin keyword research to identify which relevant keywords are actually being searched at high volumes. Once we’ve discussed which keywords are the best to use with you, we utilize a keyword rank tracking tool to manage and assess where progress is being made.

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When investing in online marketing, you want to know that you are getting a return on your investment. Rank tracking allows you to see that your site is moving up in search engines and thus getting more impressions and chances for traffic. More traffic means more potential leads and conversions.


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