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Gillian’s been working with RUReppin.com since they came to us. First and foremost, we helped them increase the site speed of their Magento store by 3 seconds! She achieved this result by switching their hosting to Nexcess. The previous hosting was not very compatible with Magento and did not feature MEMCACHED or PHP CACHE, which Nexcess does.

We also helped to optimize the site by:

• Adding Apache Mod expires which help to increase load times on the site for people who have already visited (Google also penalizes your site if you don’t have this).

• Merging CSS/JS files – having a single file for all your CSS and JS files helps to increase load times.

• Running image compression – the  images were quite large, we helped by compressing these without losing quality.

• Finally editing the PHP settings to have real path caching and Zlib output compression to speed up the server.

If that wasn’t amazing enough, Gillian has been on-call for Magento support and design needs such as creating new slider images, product images and banner advertisements. I must say, they look a little bit awesome:

Magento Help and Support

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