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Ooops. I just made a big mistake and broadcast it out to (many) thousand people via email.

In this case, I was moving too quickly, and mis-typed my email address that was in the FROM line of the email. I made a mistake in the domain name – the part after the @ symbol. In this case I used ‘@CutomerParadigm.com’ instead of ‘@CustomerParadigm.com.’

If I had made a typo in the part on the left side of the @ symbol – jefff vs. jeff, then I could have quickly set up a forwarding account so that anything that went to the jefff@ would forward to my real account.

But that doesn’t work if you mess up the domain name.

So… what to do?

I did two things.

1. Registered the domain name and made the bad email address a working, valid one. This way, if someone tried to reply to the older / incorrect email address from the email campaign, it would still go through:

  • First, I registered the ‘mistyped’ domain name at Godaddy, CutomerParadigm.com.
  • I then set up an email forward so that the @CutomerParadigm.com would forward to the actual account at @CustomerParadigm.com
  • I also set up the main domain name to forward over to the www.CustomerParadigm.com domain name, as a 301 redirect.
  • Total elapsed time from domain registration to email address forwarding properly: 27 minutes.
  • Total cost: $9.85 for the domain name, and I had a free email forwarding account as well that I could use.

2. Sent out a corrected email campaign. This time from the correct email address in the from line.

  • I blamed the error on too much snow in Colorado. (It’s been snowing here and across the US like crazy.)
  • I also included a really cool photo that I took over the weekend of Boulder, CO in the snow. Visit here for the image >>
  • The photo was designed to share something else, something more personal, that would be well received by the audience. (And it was.)
  • Because the email address was invalid earlier, it’s likely that a lot of people didn’t receive the previous email.

Finally, I’ll take a bit more time next time and test the FROM line.

Here’s a look at the corrected email message:

Email Marketing Mistake

Click here for full size screenshot of corrected email message >>


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