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And Facebook has joined the race for the best app center!

View the Facebook App Center

What does this mean for Facebook users?

Could this possibly be Facebook’s response to a 35% decrease in user time? Facebook has always been an addictive site between the lull’s in the day, but with the new Facebook App Store, the low times during the day just got a little kick. Not only can you get lost in the games, and the cooperative games such as Draw Something, you can also view the apps your friends are downloading. With so many apps to decide from on the market, it’s nice to have your friends weed down the choices and let you download the best of the best.

It will not take long for this App store to take off, the statistics for games on Facebook are already outstanding!

  • Currently 200+ million Facebook users play games each month
  • Facebook is one of the most downloaded apps in any app store
  • Facebook directly linked to other apps more than 120+ million times in May

How will this affect the existing App stores?

The Apple App Store and Google Play may lose some downloading of apps, once a user has opened the Facebook application on their Android, Iphone, Ipad or whatever your choice of digital device there may not be a need to leave. One point of differentiation for Facebook is their drive to maintain high quality apps based on user ratings and amount of downloads. Hmm.. this reminds me of Google’s Tactic. Offering a higher quality website (app) for every search.

Another reason Facebook’s App store may be very successful is the ability to easily find friends to join in your games. Since you must be signed in to visit the App Store, all downloads and new games started can easily be shared. On many mobile devices a game that is downloaded will often be uninstalled if a user can not find enough friends to join in the game. By integrating Facebook and friends and apps, this is an idea that they are going to wish they had started a long time ago. Better late than never!


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