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Moving Your Website To Another Hosting Company

Need To Move Your Website To Another Hosting Company?

We Can Help.


If you’d like to move your website to another hosting company, because the
uptime or reliability has been lacking, or you just want to get a less expensive
monthly price for hosting, we can help.

We can minimize downtime. Web programmers who care.

If done correctly, we can copy over all of the files and databases and configure
everything on the new server before we change your DNS records to point your
website to the new location.

Customer Paradigm’s team of 18 programmers, designers and web technicians
can assist you with:

  • Backing up all of your information, including HTML files, php pages, images,
    PDFs and other documents
  • Backing up your online databases (i.e. mySQL database)
  • Uploading all of your files to the new server
  • Recreating all of the databases (i.e. mySQL databases) on the new server
  • Configuring web applications – like contact forms, eCommerce sites and content
    management systems
  • Moving over email accounts from the older server to the newer server
  • Migrating the domain name records (DNS A records and MX records)
  • Testing everything to make sure it works properly.

We try to minimize the chaos, and have created systems that help:

  • Make sure that your site is seamlessly transitioned to another hosting company
    (without downtime)
  • All of your email is transitioned to the new server without email interruption.
  • Your business applications, web applications and more are automatically
    moved over to the new site, and configured properly.

To speak to a real person about moving your website to another hosting company,
please fill out the form below or call us at 303.473.4400

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