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Marketing Channel Optimization



Are you spending money in the right marketing paths?

A professional marketing channel analysis takes a looks at where you are currently investing your online marketing efforts, identifying your strengths and weakness, as well as the profitability of each path. There are various channels that a business can focus on, including: Internet Marketing, Paid Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Guerilla Marketing, Social Media, and Direct Mail Advertising. All of these channels have different advantages and results— the most important aspect is continually measuring and refining the processes.

72% of Consumers Prefer a Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

Are you marketing to your consumers the way they prefer?

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72% of Consumers Prefer Multi-Channel Marketing

Are you marketing to consumers in a way that they prefer? 72% of consumers prefer multi-channel marketing. Photo by Jeff Finkelstein, Chautauqua Park, Boulder, Colorado.


Conversion Rate Optimization

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Whether you are a new business that is just exploring marketing avenues, or an established business with multiple marketing avenues, your internet marketing team needs to be constantly engaged in a marketing channel analysis. This analysis is a rhythm that needs to be closely embedded with your marketing team of setting up measurable goals, identifying performance, and allocating resources in the most beneficial channels.

The purpose of the analysis is to provide more insight into your business’s marketing strategy. How are users interacting with your website? If you are spending 20 hours a month keeping up Facebook posts with no interaction and zero conversions, maybe it’s time to spend your time more wisely?

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Everything starts with the customer, where is your business currently succeeding? Can we expand those existing successful channels? Are there any opportunities that we are over-looking? Quite often, the analysis isn’t always cut and dry, such as: we need to stop doing social media marketing. There’s a place for everything. There’s a right way to do everything. Often, when we sit down and discuss your marketing efforts, it may be the harsh truth that although you’re in the right marketing channels, it is currently not being executed properly.

Our job is to understand your business, your target market, and that converging point of success for your business to help you redirect or enhance your marketing efforts.

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Your business becomes goal focused and allocates resources towards successful marketing channels.


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