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Magento SEO Mistake #3: Targeting the wrong keywords

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One of the biggest Magento eCommerce SEO mistakes is not targeting the correct keywords for your site.

People usually optimize for words that people don`t search for, or words that are way too broad and competitive and have no chance at ever ranking for. Read more below >>

If you`d like help knowing what keywords your site should be targeting, please let me know and I`m happy to run a no-charge report.

Magento SEO Mistake #3: Targeting the wrong keywords

Search engine optimization and marketing should not be a guessing game. It should be based on data and results.

Here`s the approach that we take when trying to decide what keywords your site should be optimized for:

• First, we take a look at your current site, Google Analytics information and conversion tracking information to see what keywords your site is currently well-ranked for.

• From the cost per click (CPC) data, we look at what words not only drive traffic to your site, but convert at a high rate.

• We then cast a wider net, and look at your competitor`s sites to see what they are trying to rank for. (We have a lot of tools that we use to generate keyword lists, including ones based on multi-word Keyword Density Analysis).

• We can then compile a keyword list, and look at:

– Search volume for the keywords (how many people are searching for this keyword term)

– Competitive score (how many other people are trying to rank for this keyword).

At this point, we then do the SEO Math to determine how much a top search result ranking is worth:

SEO Variables (Inputs):

Search Volume 100,000 searches per month for the keyword term
Average Order $100
Conversion Rate 2.5%

SEO Expected Results:

Search Volume # of
$ Sales per
#1 42,000 $105,000 $288,750
#2 12,000 $30,000 $82,500
#3 7,000 $17,500 $48,125
#11 100 $250 $688

SEO Match Spreadsheet:

I`ve put together a spreadsheet that can help you do this SEO math, and it`s available for download from our site:

SEO Web-Based Calculator for B2C eCommerce Site>>

If you factor in lifetime customer value into the equation (how much money a single customer will spend with you through your organization), the numbers keep getting better.

For example, if you expect that each new customer will place 1.5 more orders during the next two years, your lifetime customer value of that search engine result jumps from $105,000 to $288,750 in expected sales from that monthly timeframe.

Keys to Figuring Out Metrics:

The key to figuring out these metrics is understanding:

  • How much are people actually searching for keywords that are important to you?
  • What is your conversion to purchase rate on your site?
  • What is your average order value?
  • What is your lifetime customer value ratio?
  • How do you rank for high-volume search terms in different search engines?
  • How much more money could you be making if you jump up in the search engines?

We`d love to help out with your SEO efforts… let me know if we can help you get started.


Jeff FinkelsteinFounder, Customer Paradigm
Jeff Finkelstein
Founder, Customer Paradigm


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