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Magento Developers: From 1 hour to 1,000+
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Are you looking for a company who can help you install, maintain or upgrade
your Magento eCommerce shopping cart system? If you need reliable programmers
with experience, Customer Paradigm’s team of expert Magento programmers may
be a great fit. Try us out!

Magento Programming Team
  Magento eCommerce designer - Jesse Schultz  
Schultz, Magento eCommerce
Designer & Project Manager
  John Rush - Magento eCommerce Marketing Specialist  
Rush, Interactive Marketing Specialist
for Magento eCommerce
  Magento Programmer  
Magento eCommerce Programmer
  Magento Project Manager  
Magento Project Manager
Founder of Customer Paradigm
Team Leader for all Magento Projects
Magento PHP Programmer
  Magento ecommerce Project Manager  
Magento eCommerce Project Manager

What makes us different than other Magento Programmers?

  • Bug Free Code. Our programmers write bug-free code that
  • Experience. We’ve worked on hundreds of eCommerce systems
    that process tens of thousands of transactions per day. We’re used to working
    on high-volume, live production systems (as well as low-volume basic Magento
    systems as well).
  • Direct Access. You’ll get the name, email address and direct
    phone number of your programmer that is in charge of your Magento eCommerce
  • Low Prices. Our prices are low, but our quality and customer
    service is high.
  • We Answer the Phone and Return All Emails Promptly. We
    know that this shouldn’t be something we have to mention, but we do pride
    ourselves on our ability to have a real person answer the phone during our
    business hours, and we make sure to respond to all email requests promptly.
  • Small Projects Are Okay. We work with small 1-2 person
    companies, as well as some of the largest corporations in the world. If you
    need a Magento eCommerce programmer, having us contact
    may be the smartest thing you’ve done all year. We know you might
    want to test out our team first, before you commit to a larger project. And
    we’re okay with that. We have no minimums for working with us.
  • Open Office Format in Boulder, Colorado. We work together
    in a small, open-desk office in Boulder, Colorado. What this means is that
    if someone has a specific question about a Magento eCommerce programming task,
    they can ask anyone else very easily.
  • We’re Not A Person In Between Jobs. We’re a real company
    with a very stable crew of programmers. If someone is out of the office for
    a day, we always have someone else available to help out. This is what we
    do. We eat, breathe and live Magento eCommerce, along with php programming,
    mySQL database development and other marketing needs. Unlike your brother-in-law
    or a person who "thinks they can figure out Magento," or someone
    who might not be there for you next week, month or year, we’re here to stay.

From one hour to one thousand, we can help you…

  • Install or Upgrade your eCommerce shopping cart to a Magento system.
  • Design a new look and feel for your Magento site. (Or customize an existing
    Magento Theme for your site.)
  • Add new products, new product options, product images to your Magento eCommerce
  • Fix broken functionality, or add new functionality to a Magento system.
  • Integrate with payment processor systems, including Authorize.net, PayPal
    and more.
  • PCI Compliance. We can help make sure your Magento eCommerce system is set
    up for PCI compliance, including hosting, testing and evaluation.
  • Make your Magento system more search engine friendly
  • Add a wholesale site to allow retailers or distributors to make purchases
    more easily
  • Migrate your Magento eCommerce system from a slow web server to a high-availability,
    cloud-based system that allows tens of thousands of people to access your
    site easily.
  • purchases to be made quickly Add new product options
  • Synchronize inventory to external databases (i.e. NetSuite, Quickbooks and
  • Pre-fill registration forms so people don’t have to fill in their information
    again and again.
  • Personalize your website, and show content based on who is on your site
    (new visitor / past customer).
  • Send permission-based email messages to people who have signed up to receive
    communication from you through a web-based application.
  • Automate business tasks — such as changing the information on your website
    without having to call a web developer or use a complicated program.

We can help you customize and set up many of the most common open-source,
PHP / MySQL Magento plugins and applications, including:

  • Auction systems
  • Guestbooks
  • Visitor tracking counters
  • Advertising Display
  • Online chat
  • Calendars
  • Coupon Systems
  • Refer-A-Friend Systems
  • Syndicated Content (RSS)
  • Online search marketing

Whether you have a small Magento Developer project with 1-2 hours of work,
need a Magento Developer to troubleshoot an existing Magento site, or need a
shopping cart website system that integrates with a complex, customized CRM
or ERP system, Customer Paradigm’s team of Magento Developers can help make
your website generate results.

If you can imagine what you would like to do, we can help you put together
requirements, and make it work.

Have a Real Person Contact You Now about
Magento eCommerce Programming >>

About Customer Paradigm.

Customer Paradigm is a full-service interactive
media firm, helping businesses acquire, retain and
interact with our customers

An award-winning, Colorado-based interactive agency, Customer Paradigm has
clients throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. Our customer-centric
approach allows us to internalize our client’s vision for their organization
and design websites and print marketing that gets results.

In order to best serve our clients, we developed our own project management
system that makes sure all projects are done on time, on budget and to your
satisfaction. With more than five thousand successfully completed projects since
2002, we strive to make working with us easy, fun and affordable. Our team is
always available via phone or email, and you’ll have direct access to
a dedicated project manager, designer and/or programmer.

Our work focuses on three areas – Acquire, Retain & Interact.

Customer Paradigm's Approach - Aquire. Retain. Interact.

Magento eCommerce programming and customization falls into the Interactive
side. But our programmers also work closely with our team members who focus
on search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (CPC) and Conversion
Rate Optimization (CRO). Our open-office, team-approach makes sure that we take
an integrated approach to your project. Nobody is programming in the dark…
we’re always looking out for other factors including how the customization will
affect SEO, social media and CPC campaigns.

We’ve worked with a number of manufacturers to help them build trust
and increase online sales. Manufacturing clients include Rocky Mountain Orthodontics
(they manufacture close to 14,000 products in their Denver, Colorado facility),
Reparagen, and DiscountDecorating.com.

A recent redesign of the DiscountDecorating.com
eCommerce website, for example, increased sales by more than 400%, without changing
their pricing or products — we just made it easier for people to find what
they were looking for and make a purchase. We manage over 750,000 keywords for
Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising for DiscountDecorating.com, which account for
65% of their daily sales volume.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts helped news organizations find
Boulder-based religious leader, Rabbi Jamie Korngold and cover her program in
The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, AP, Ski Magazine, CBS News and more. This
intense media interest sparked a book offer from Doubleday Religion, who published
Rabbi Korngold’s first best-selling book, God in the Wilderness (www.GodintheWilderness.com),
in April 2008.

In the sustainability realm, Pfizer, 3M and Intel are the first users of a
manufacturer-based sustainable development software planning tool we’ve
developed for the Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI) organization
(www.GEMI.org/sd/). We’ve
also recently redesigned the sustainability section of the www.3m.com/sustainability
site for 3M.

Customer Paradigm was named the 2009 Supplier of the Year Rocky Mountain Direct
Marketing Association. Customer Paradigm’s founder, Jeff Finkelstein,
has been called a “Web Guru” by New York Times Magazine

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Magento eCommerce Programming Screenshots:

Magento eCommerce Category Pages.

With the Magento eCommerce platform, there are many built-in ways to display
products in your shopping cart system. For example, you can view products by
Category, Price, Color, or other ways. The following screenshot is an example
of what a product such as a camera might look like in a sample Magento site,
where you can view 9 items per page. This is easily customized by a programmer
who is familiar with the Magento eCommerce platform. Need
help? Contact Us >>

Magento Product View Example - click to view larger image
Product View Example – View Larger Image >>

Magento eCommerce Demo Home Page Layout.

Below is an example of the "Demo Store" that Magento has put together
to demonstrate how an ecommerce shopping cart site can look. We can customize
this to match the look of your existing brand and logo, including adding top,
left or side navigation. One of the best things about the Magento platform is
how easy it is to add features like comparison products, customer testimonials,
site search and more. Some of this is easily done through the admin, but our
programmers are here to help with more advanced customization or design.

Magento Sample Home Page - How to Customize Layout and Desig
Sample Home Page – How to Customize Layout and Design – View Larger Image >>

Have a Real Person Contact You Now about
Magento eCommerce Programming >>

Customize "Default" Layout Options for Magento:

It’s easy to customize the existing layout for the Billing, Shipping and other
fields for the Magento eCommerce shopping cart system. Our programmers can help
you determine what are required fields, and allow you to have your site visitors
see required form field validation right on the site. And if you don’t like
the "default" layout options provided by the basic Magento theme,
we can easily customize this for you.

Magento eCommerce - view larger screenshot for customizing form field validation layout
Form Field Validation – Customization – View Larger Image >>

Magento – Customizing Customer Groups:

By default, it’s easy to customize Customer Groups within the admin system.
For example, you can have general retail customers that can place orders off
of the website. You can also assign a retailer or wholesale customer to a different
customer group, so that when they log in, they will see different prices, tax
rates, and be subject to different payment methods (i.e. be able to order on
credit, pay for shipping with their own UPS or FedEx number). This is something
that Customer Paradigm’s team of Magento programmers can further customize to
your needs.

Magento - Customizing Customer Groups
Programming – Customizing Customer Groups – Click to View Larger Screenshot

Have a Real Person Contact You Now about Magento
eCommerce Programming >>

Magento eCommerce – Programming for Catalog Management

Within the Admin area of the Magento eCommerce system, it’s fairly straightforward
to customize the front-end look and feel. For example, you can have the catalog
display 9 products per page on a grid, or 10 products per page on a list. You
can have the price range ($0-$50 or $50 – $100) display in the grid listing
as well. Tax status and other configuration can be done in this area as well.
Further customization or configuration is something that Customer Paradigm’s
team of Magento eCommerce programmers can help you with.

Magento Catalog eCommerce options - click for larger screenshot

Product Display Options for Magento – Click here for Screenshot >>

Have a Real Person Contact You Now about
Magento eCommerce Programming >>

Customizing Magento eCommerce Cart Page via Programming:

The default layout for the Magento eCommerce shopping cart system is good.
We’ve worked with many, many other platforms, and Magento is one of the best
designed shopping cart systems. It’s easy for end users to checkout through
the system. However, sometimes the default layout needs to be customized to
match your company’s colors, style or layout. This is something that can be
easily accomplished with XML styles, templates and more.

Customizing Magento eCommerce Cart Page via PHP and XML programming - Click for Screenshot
Magento’s Cart Page – Click Here to View Larger Screenshot >>

Have a Real Person Contact You Now about
Magento eCommerce Programming >>

Programming Magento eCommerce for Different Languages & Currencies

Within the admin area for Magento, you can easily assign a base currency for
your shopping cart system, so that it can be localized to the region where you
are selling your products. Do you sell in more than one country? Need more than
one currency on your site? This is something that we can (and have) customized
for clients in the past. We’ve translated complete eCommerce sites into Italian,
French, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and more.

Choosing Currency and Payment Methods in Magento - Click for Larger Screenshot
Currency and Payment Methods in Magento – Click for Larger Screenshot >>

Have a Real Person Contact You Now about
Magento eCommerce Programming >>

Programming Magento eCommerce with Credit Card, Checkout & Fulfillment
Center Options

It’s easy within the admin to customize Magento so that you can set credit
card settings, set check and money order purchases, integrate into Authorize.net,
PayPal Express, PayflowPro, and more. Need to integrate with a payment processor
that isn’t a "default" part of the Magento eCommerce system? We’ve
done this for many payment gateways, quickly and efficiently.

Fulfillment Warehouse Integration. If you are looking for
someone to make sure that when an order comes into your Magento system, and
it’s automatically sent to your warehouse system for shipping. Depending on
your warehouse (or if you ship it yourself), there are many different ways to
make sure your orders are filled quickly:

  • Manual Data Entry. Like it or not, many fulfillment warehouse just want
    to receive an email, that they copy-and-paste into a shipping label system.
    We can create emails that are easy to copy-and-paste, but we can also create
    an email that contains a packing list, shipping label (including bar code),
    as well as tracking information.
  • CSV File. We can also create a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file for your
    Magento eCommerce orders that can be emailed once a day, securely sent via
    FTP protocols to your vendor’s server, or downloaded through a password-protected
    website. From there, your warehouse fulfillment center can download the orders
    made through Magento, and import them easily into their system. We can easily
    map your data fields to theirs.
  • XML / Realtime Data Feed. Instead of manual processes, we can provide a
    data feed directly to your warehouse / fulfillment center. So when an order
    is placed, the credit card is run through your merchant account, and confirmation
    is sent to the customer. At that point, we send a secure data feed to your
    warehouse’s computer system, and out pops a mailing label, packing list and
    shipping invoice.
  • Bilateral Data Feeds. If you’re looking to make sure your inventory levels
    are also updated when something is shipped from the warehouse, or placed through
    a different system (ERP, CRM), we can provide two-way data feeds. This can
    be complex, depending on your needs and the complexity of your products and
    inventory systems.

Customer Paradigm has worked with FirstData (the largest credit card processor
company in the world) assisting with marketing campaigns and went through a
rigorous verification and code validation procedure. Want to ban payments from
specific countries with high rates of fraud? That’s something that can be customized
or configured easily. We can even set up your storefront to display custom messages
on a per-country basis, using geo-location database information. So, someone
from France could be welcomed in French; while someone from Spain could be welcomed
in Spanish.

Need to set up PayPal Express Checkout or GoogleCheckout on your site, but
don’t know the best way to do this? Our Magento eCommerce
programming team can help — contact us today >>

Programming Magento eCommerce with Credit Card and Checkout Options

Magento eCommerce with Credit Card and Checkout Options – Click Here for Screenshot

Have a Real Person Contact You Now about
Magento eCommerce Programming >>

Magento – Program Different Storefronts:

Do you have several different product lines, and want to have several different
websites to display products? But you don’t want to have your team have to log
into several different websites to keep track of customers, orders and inventory?
Magento allows you (even with the free version) to have multiple stores… but
use one common admin interface. This is something the Customer Paradigm team
of Magento eCommerce programmers are able to customize and set up for you.

Magento - Program Different Storefronts

& Manage Multiple Websites and Stores – View Screenshot >>

Have a Real Person Contact You Now about
Magento eCommerce Programming >>

Magento eCommerce – Programming Category Information:

In Magento eCommerce, there are many ways to program in category information
into the admin area, so that people can search for the information on the front
end of your eCommerce Web site. For example, if you sell furniture, your eCommerce
categories in the Magento Admin might be Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Dining
Room, Patio, etc. If you sell electronics, your categories might be organized
by cell phones, cameras, laptops and more. Subcategories can further allow users
to drill down – and are good for search engine optimization, too. If it was
the camera category, you might have sub-categories that include pocket-sized
cameras, digital SLR cameras, lenses, flashes, memory cards, and more.

Within the interface, you can add the category information, and associate it
with a parent-level category. You can give it a description for the store view,
and then associate different products within the category. The product-to-category
relationship is a one-to-many; you can have a product that belongs to multiple
categories. For example, a silver wine glass may be appropriate for the wedding
category, but also should be listed in religious items or stemware. The Custom
Design tab in the Magento eCommerce admin area allows you to have different
layouts for your categories, and is often a place we help Magento store owners
create a custom look and feel for their site.

Magento eCommerce - Programming Category Information

eCommerce – Programming Category Information – Click for Screenshot >>

Have a Real Person Contact You Now about
Magento eCommerce Programming >>

Customizing Content Management Pages with Magento eCommerce Systems

A question we are frequently asked is how to best customize the look and feel
of content management (CMS) pages within the Magento eCommerce system. Within
the admin interface, it’s easy to add or edit your pages, create titles, and
assign different layouts to the static content pages. If you have multiple eCommerce
stores, you can set the status for each page, so that it is only displayed for
specific Magento eCommerce store views. Pages can be enabled and live (able
to be seen by web visitors, or paused while you are working on them (i.e. in
Test mode). When we’re working on these CMS pages, we often will keep them in
"TEST" mode, so that they can be approved before they go live. In
the past, we’ve been asked to program in special code that allows different
people within an organization to review pages before they are able to go live
(legal review, management review, etc). For companies with sensitive information
(such as a medical manufacturer, whose website is regulated by the FDA), we
can put in enhanced version control / access control logging, to keep track
of what changes were made, by whom, and at what time.

Whether you just need a programmer to add or edit copy on a content page, or
you wish to have us create new layouts for your existing site, we’re here to
help with Magento eCommerce customization programming.

Content Management Pages with Magento eCommerce Systems – Click Here for Screenshot

Have a Real Person Contact You Now about
Magento eCommerce Programming >>

Country Options – Geo-Location Customization & Localization

If you’re looking to take your Magento eCommerce system and create a second
or third store with different language information, or instead only allow people
to make purchases from certain countries, this is all easily configured within
the Magento admin area. We have translators on staff that can translate your
existing store into another language… often at a minimal cost.

Country Options - Geo-Location Customization & Localization

Options – Geo-Location Customization & Localization – Click Here for Screenshot

Checkout Method – Customization of Magento eCommerce

Studies show that a great deal of users abandon the eCommerce shopping process
when they are "forced" to create an account with a Web site. While
some big eCommerce providers, such as Amazon.com, Buy.com and others have repeat
customers, and there are real advantages for the consumer to create an account
for repeat purchases, for many Magento eCommerce web sites, many purchases are
single, isolated purchases. Users don’t want to create accounts. Magento allows
users to checkout as a guest… a very good feature for reducing shopping cart
abandonment. However, sometimes the default screen needs to be customized, and
Customer Paradigm’s team of Magento eCommerce programmers can help.

Checkout Method - Customization of Magento eCommerce - click here for screenshot

Method – Customizing Guest or Registration Option Screen – Click Here for Screenshot

Have a Real Person Contact You Now about
Magento eCommerce Programming >>

Magento Admin – Custom Programming for Catalog Price Rules

Within the Magento eCommerce admin system, it’s easy to create Catalog pricing
rules, which can be programmed and customized based on start and end dates.
For example, if you wanted to have a 20% off sale during a big holiday weekend,
you can program this in advance, and have the sale automatically appear at 12:01
am on Friday, and end at 11:59 Sunday evening. With some other systems, sometimes
you have to stay up late at night to turn on / turn off sales and coupons. Further
programming and customization to sales and catalog pricing rules in Magento
can be done – give us a call or contact us for a quote

Magento Admin - Custom Programming for Catalog Price Rules - Click Here for Screenshot

Admin – Custom Programming for Catalog Price Rules – Click Here for Screenshot

Have a Real Person Contact You Now about
Magento eCommerce Programming >>

Magento – My Account – Customization:

If you want to further customize the look, feel and fields of the "My
Account" page in your Magento eCommerce store, we can help. From adding
a new address to an address book (for shipping), or updating account information,
reviewing previous orders, or displaying the customer’s wishlist — all this
can be customized through php programming and design. If the Magento eCommerce
system works for 95% of your business needs, but you find yourself changing
your business practices to accommodate missing fields, layouts, or work-flow
built into the Magento shopping cart, we can usually customize this for you.

Magento - My Account - Customization:
– My Account – Customization – Click Here for Screenshot >>


Here’s the default view of the "My Account" page for a registered
user, using the Magento eCommerce system (again, this can be easily customized
or changed, depending on your business needs). Just note it’s always easier
to remove functionality than to program in new functionality.

My Account Default View - for Customization - Magento eCommerce - Click Here for Screenshot >>” width=”425″ height=”263″ border=”1″></a><br />
  <br />
  <font size=My
Account Default View – for Customization – Magento eCommerce – Click Here for
Screenshot >>

Have a Real Person Contact You Now about
Magento eCommerce Programming >>

Magento eCommerce Admin – Sales Statistics (Customization)

The default login screen for Magento eCommerce admin is wonderful — it gives
the store owner a dashboard view of current sales, including the last 5 orders,
last five search terms, and a graphical view of sales during the past 24 hours.
For many store owners, this is enough. For others who use A-B split test data
to determine what offers pull better, and what headlines or call-outs convert
more easily, this view is often not enough. In this case, Customer Paradigm’s
team of programmers can customize your Magento eCommerce admin area to give
more than just sales statistics at a glance. Call us or contact
us for more information >>

Magento eCommerce Admin - Sales Statistics (Customization)

eCommerce Admin – Sales Statistics (Customization) – Click Here for Screenshot

Have a Real Person Contact You Now about
Magento eCommerce Programming >>

Customer Paradigm has used Magento eCommerce, PHP programming and mySQL databases
to help small 1-person companies as well as many of the Fortune 500 create websites
that get results. Try us out! Get your first hour of Magento programming
for Free (when you commit to a five hour or longer project).

Call Jeff Finkelstein
at 303.473.4400 or toll free at 888.772.0777 for a free estimate.

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