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Companies using Magento Go and ProStores have less than a year to start transitioning over to another e-commerce platform because Magento is not going to support them starting February 1, 2015. Owned by eBay, they are shutting down these two products in favor of focusing on better solutions that support merchants and equip them with the tools necessary to adjust to the ever-changing e-commerce world online.

In other words, Magento is going full-speed ahead towards bigger businesses. Go and ProStores were targeted towards small to mid-sized businesses. Magento is also working on development of the next generation.

Other E-Commerce Platforms to Use

Magento isn’t just dumping 10,000 merchants on the streets next February, thankfully. Previously, they were trying to migrate ProStores customers to Go as ProStores was an older product. The three options that they suggest you migrate to are:

  1. Upgrade to Magento Enterprise Edition
  2. Upgrade to Magento Community Edition
  3. Bigcommerce

Those transitioning to Bigcommerce will be able to do it for free. As for Bigcommerce transitions from Magento Go and ProStores, it can take between one day to one week, depending on the size of the business. Magento recommends Bigcommerce for small businesses despite being a competitor because of the company’s history of over 6,000 successful migrations from Go & ProStores.

Some other bonuses of migrating to Bigcommerce is their strong relationship with PayPal and the ability to sell products on eBay.

If you need help migrating from Magento Go or ProStores, we are a Magento Silver Solution Partner and our Magento Certified Developers can help. Contact us today for more information.

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