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Mini-Case Study: Magento Custom Reporting

At Customer Paradigm, our interests don’t stop at our customers’ satisfaction—they carry over to our customers’ customers, and their customers, too.

Mark Laufhutte of Solutions313 came to Customer Paradigm a couple of months ago for help on a Magento internal inventory management website for his client, a major Las Vegas hotel resort and casino.

According to Laufhutte, working with Customer Paradigm “completely saved my client’s job, really, with their client.”

The task was to create a custom reporting feature that would help users manage their inventory better.

Laufhutte said, “We’re improving the end user’s experience, efficiency and business through the reporting end through the other features that we have in there.

“We’re doing things like shilling previous usage, projecting future usage so they know what to purchase in the future and see what they’ve purchased in the past,” Laufhutte continued.

“It makes their presence a lot more efficient, (and) saves them money… It takes out probably about 10 steps from their process, saves them probably about 45 minutes for each product,” he said.

Automated reporting does more than save time and money, according to Laufhutte. It’s also a “frustration reducer,” because it helps prevent inventory mistakes from occurring as a result of limited or incorrect data.

“It’s made them a lot more efficient and a lot happier. So we’re just making everybody’s life simpler.”

After receiving glowing experience reviews from Mark, we asked him about what exactly made his experience working with Customer Paradigm so amazing.

From Customer Paradigm’s team of dedicated project managers to the Magento Certified Developers and Front End Designers who tackled his project, Laufhutte said the Customer Paradigm team gave him many good reasons to come back with future projects.

“You don’t just do what I want you to do, like most contractors,” he said, referring to the Customer Paradigm team’s willingness to go above and beyond his expectations.

“The best part about working with you guys is you’re innovators… I appreciate the feedback from the developers and the designers who come back and say, ‘If we try it this way, it might work a bit better.’ It’s invaluable.”

Laufhutte said he appreciated the team’s willingness to thoroughly explain their work process and answer any and all questions he had.

“Our project manager does a great job explaining things,” Laufhutte said. And in reference to the development team, he said: “If I have any questions, they clarify it.”

According to Laufhutte, Customer Paradigm’s team members “do everything they need to do, to keep up with deadlines. And they give realistic deadlines. They don’t pad it. They always under promise and over-deliver. You don’t get that every day. You don’t get that hardly at all.”

“Thank you guys for all your work.”

Customer Paradigm:
Thanks sticking with us, Mark! We couldn’t be happier to make you happy—as well as your clients, their clients and their clients’ clients!

Client Name: Mark Laufhutte
Client Title: CEO
Company Name: Solutions313
Project Description: Magento programming: Development of a custom reporting feature for an internal website

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