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Can your customers find you online?

Concerned because people aren’t knocking on your door? Get listed on search engines, local directories, and more. This is the best way to get your business out on the web in an effective way to challenge your local competition. Failing to manage your local listings properly can be detrimental to potential clients trying to find your business. Let’s make it easy, create accurate, optimized, and categorized local listings to get your business the most exposure for local searches.

95% of people say they find a location online.

Are people not finding you because you’re not listed online properly?

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Are people finding you easily?

Does your local business have the exposure you need for people to find you? If you don’t walk on the edge, you can’t see the view. Photo by Jeff Finkelstein, Ibex on the edge, Wilderness of Zin, Israeli Desert.


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Local listings help your business receive the best targeted exposure for searches. In today’s world of smart phone and tablet searches, coming up for a coffee store search can be the difference between an extra pair of feet walking in your door or another car passing you by.

The purpose is to get you categorized online to show up for relevant searches in your local area.

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We make sure we understand what is most important for your business. For service industries, you may offer multiple services but we want to know the top 3 that really matter to the core of your business so that we can categorize you appropriately for searches. Or, if you are a lawyer, maybe you want everyone to know that you specialize in DUI cases. Understanding your business and what matters most to you helps us get the process done right the first time.

Once we know your business, we make sure you are listed in search engines, including: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Then we move forward into industry specific directories as needed to get you the most targeted traffic.

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The ability to find your business through online local listings gets you more traffic and sales in stores and online.


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