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Did you know content is King?

Guest Blogging has long stood as one of the best ways to raise a website’s trust, authority, and overall rankings by increasing its “popularity” online. In essence, a guest blog is created for another site, which is relevant to your site’s goods and keywords. Then a link your site is placed on the guest blog as a tradeoff for providing them with good and interesting content.

In this way, Guest Blogs are considered a form of, “Link Bait,” where you could “bait” websites into trading a link for quality and unique content that you’ve created. Over the years, this has taken on a few different forms but is still a very important factor inherent in search engine algorithm rankings.

Nearly 40% of the weight factored into Rankings is in part generated by links.

Is your website losing out on better rankings because of a lack of offsite links?

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Content is King

Content is King! Photo by Jeff Finkelstein, Lion at the National Zoo, Washington, DC.


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Guest blogging can have many different purposes depending on what the goal is. Guest Blogging mainly helps to increase keyword rankings, overall site rankings, site trust and authority, traffic generation, and to develop/promote your site as an industry leader or innovator. It’s the means by which you can share your intimate knowledge of a certain topic with the world to educate, inform, or entertain. It is quite literally one of the best means to share information with those who might not otherwise have ever known you exist.

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We begin the process by planning out how many guest blogs to put out each month and brainstorm unique content that users will be interested in while remaining relevant to what your business offers. Next, we write a quality, optimized blog and build a link into it. Then we’ll put it into the community of webmasters looking for blog content to add to their sites to bid on. We choose the best site out of the bids to publish the blog on based on the health of their site and quality of content as well as communicate with the webmasters to ensure your link is there to help boost your site’s rankings.

As a result, your trust as an authoritative voice will rise amongst both viewers and search engines—the more often this occurs, the better. It’s sad to say, but search rankings indeed resemble a popularity contest. And a site’s popularity is greatly attributed to the number and quality of inbound links associated with it.

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As before, content is king, and the king does indeed receive royalties in the SEO world. Without a doubt, proper guest blogging helps to increase a website’s overall rankings, trust, and authority. Targeted keyword rankings will rise as well for those that are focused on specifically onsite, generating more traffic to your site and increasing your brand as an authority in the industry.


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