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Are Your Visitors Landing on a Relevant Page?

Landing Page Optimization is assessing how a visitor arrives on your site and whether or not the content on that page is relevant, informative, and engaging. After enticing a user to click to your site, the last thing you want is for them to leave right away. Optimization efforts look at the keyword and link associated with the page, the content on the page including videos and images, and the SEO elements included. Depending on the type of information a user is looking for, quality, length, design, and internal linking play a large role in whether or not the user is interested enough to continue looking through your site.

77% of marketers say headline copy has a major impact on conversions

Are people leaving your site due to poor landing pages?

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Do your site visitors see the light at the end of the tunnel (i.e. your site makes it easy for them to find what they are looking for and make a purchase)? Don’t allow tunnel vision to compromise your landing pages – let Customer Paradigm’s team assist you. Photo by Jeff Finkelstein, Hiking Through Storm Tunnel, Outside Moab, Utah.


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Optimizing landing pages means the difference between getting visitors to stay on your site or leaving. The goal of Google and SEO is to bring users to the information they are looking for in order to create a positive user experience. If people are coming to your site and leaving, Google sees this as your site being irrelevant to users, which negatively impacts your search engine rankings. The longer a visitor stays on your site and engages with it based on their initial interaction on a landing page, the better chances you have of getting a conversion from them.

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We look at our analytics to determine which landing pages need help and compare them to those that are successful to see where the weaknesses are. We also identify what the content strategy is, if it’s relevant to users and refine the copy on the page. Images and videos boost the visual appeal of landing pages but we make sure that the essential SEO elements are also built into the landing page, i.e. meta tags, h1 tags, links, and internal linking URLs. Design and call-to-actions also play a large part of keeping the user’s attention.

Our goal is to engage the user and interest them into browsing the site and lead them into a conversion.

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With well-optimized landing pages, once a user has arrived at your site and decides to look at more pages, it boosts the quality and trust of your domain. In addition, page rank will gradually go up, bringing more interested traffic to your site as well as more leads and conversions.


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