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Is Your Information Exciting to Read?

An infographic is a great marketing tool that translates complex and in-depth information into easy-to-understand visuals using flow charts, graphs, and even characters. Why should your business have more infographics? They allow your viewer to digest the information being shared without having to read large amounts of text in a more entertaining form. After all, people process and retain images 600% better than reading.

Infographics make Napoleon Bonaparte’s statement, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” true. People are compelled to share images more than blocks of text because images that have character are more memorable.

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual

Are you providing shareable information?

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Are your images easily digestable?

Is your content easily digestible? Photo by Jeff Finkelstein, Brown Bear, Denver, Colorado.

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For companies interested in sharing complex information to their customers, whether it’s how to put together an outfit, how the health care system works, or how to assemble a survival kit, infographics utilize the art process to provide viewers a better understanding of how things work in a fun way, which is more readily accepted and processed in our brains. In the end, it helps people visualize the message and feel smarter for being able to understand something that would be difficult to comprehend through reading text alone. When they have that “ah-ha!” moment, they are more likely to share it with others.

Infographics take complex information and make it simple—so we take the time to hear your information and propose a way to create the infographic. We learn what the core message that you want to share is and make sure it doesn’t get lost in the graphics. The rest of it is comprised of interesting information, stats, facts, and tips that people are curious about during the journey of learning about the core message and we work with you to highlight the best information to convey to your target. Our team then designs a visually appealing infographic for viewers using complementary colors, lines, and callouts that is worthy of sharing.

Infographics fall in line with content marketing and link building. The goal is to get the infographic in front of as many people as possible through sharing on social media. The more people interested in the infographic, the more traffic is driven to your site.

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