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The dad of one of our lead Magento Developers here at Customer Paradigm found this article about why he doesn’t fear losing his job to overseas talent, and it’s a great article: http://blog.jpl-consulting.com/2011/12/why-i-will-never-feel-threatened-by-programmers-in-india/ When I first started our company, I was lured into using inexpensive overseas programmers to handle building websites, etc. What I found by hiring an all US-based team of programmers for Magento Development and php programming was that: – The code the US programmers wrote is a lot better – The programmers here in the office were at least 5 to 10 times more efficient – Turnaround times were are lot faster – Customers like being able to talk to a real programmer – Project management costs and frustrations are way down / reduced by 2 to 4 times – There’s a huge premium for having programmers sit together in an office and tackle problems efficiently. Today, we have two of our top programmers traveling to visit one of our clients in San Francisco, CA – a short 2 hour flight from here. Thanks, Alan’s Dad!

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