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 Google Now has a brain

Google Now

Google, you never fail to wow us with your ideas that bring the future to the here and now. Google Now has a brain with the stunning ability to recall past searches and topics of interest and keep us up to date avoiding us having to perform another search query. With the integration of information across so many platforms as the technology world continues to evolve and expand it only makes us wonder, “what next?”

Google Now creates a world where the information is able to be presented to you on your multiple screens. Watch the video below to get a deeper understanding of Google Now:


The goal of Google Now is to “get you the right information at just the right time.” With the new Google Personal Assistant, Google continues to stay a step ahead of the need.

Why Google Now?

With such an overload of information from websites, having Google Now makes sense. No longer do we need to perform repetitive Google Now Screenshotsearch queries to re-discover the article on the web that we finally found useful. Google Now is able to organize the information that you have found relevant in a form called “Cards”. Cards would be similar to windows or tabs in your browser. Each window is dedicated to a particular search. One  card may be the weather, the next may be the score of your favorite basketball team, the next may be traffic and each of these cards is updated in real time. Of course the best technology and gadgets allow you to personalize the cards to fit your needs and interests. If you are not interested in knowing the route to work every day, because it is the same route and you never experience traffic, you do not need that card.


Where will Google Now be Available?

Google Now will be available on Android Smartphones and various Tablets. Google Now functions as an add-on to your Google Search experience.


Is Google Now knowing too Much?

My concern is, in order for Google Now to perform these stunning tasks for me, I have to tell it every detail. Let’s break it down, in order for Google to know all the information that “wows” us, we have to supply the end goals. I have to tell you I have a meeting at 9am on June 30th with Bob and Janice at the China Town Restaurant. Then, when it is 8 in the morning on June 30th Google Now can provide me with a warning that my meeting is in an hour, here are the driving directions to China Town Restaurant it will take x amount of time to get there, and here are your available routes. One aspect of Google Now that is not talked about very much, is the ability to let you know when friends are in surrounding areas around you. If you were to be in the mall, and your friend was as well, it would let you know. While shopping through a mall with a friend might sound appealing, there are instances that you would not need to broadcast your whereabouts publicly.

What do we think about Google Now? Let’s wait for it to launch, download it, and give our thoughts after Google has had the opportunity to show their new gadget off.








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