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Google Local Optimization



Can People Find Your Business?

Potential customers can’t find where your business is if you’re not listed online. Almost 90% of all people find a business on the internet using a search engine. In addition to your basic phone number and address, Google+ Local optimization provides targeted information, photos, videos, Google Maps Business View, proper categorization, maps, directions, and reviews, all of which help to increase your online visibility. It is a convergent tool with Google Maps to improve the overall experience of searching for a business by providing all the information people are curious about in one place.

43% of All Google Searches are Local or Location-Based

Can your customers find you on Google Maps?

Google Local Optimization

Can people find your business with a local Google search? Make your organization easy to spot… even from the air. Photo by Jeff Finkelstein of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), above Boulder, Colorado. Photo taken from helicopter.

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If you have a brick and mortar store front, or even a business office, you need to be optimized for Google+ Local. Simply put, it allows you to be found on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+ through mobile devices, tablets, and computers. When Google pulls up results for users, they assume that users are looking for a place near them unless told otherwise; so people looking for a nearby business like yours can quickly find out where you’re located and decide to visit your website and/or your physical location.

This is extremely useful when people are searching for a business, services, and products in their area like a florist shop, car mechanic, or an Italian restaurant. Google+ Local gives your business more exposure to a targeted nearby audience, which is more likely to end in conversions than targeting someone across the county or state. You are also able to provide quick customer service to reviewers.

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To get started, we begin by setting up a Google account, which is verified by Google and associated with a physical store or business. Besides entering your basic information: phone number, email address, physical address, and other essentials, we go one step further: we’ll optimize your Google+ Local profile for better exposure to the right target and we always recommend optimized photos and videos that highlight your products or services. If your Google+ Local page is properly optimized, you have a great chance of appearing first on a search result page on Google.

One of the newest and most exciting additions to Google+ Local starts with a Google Maps Business View photographer. At Customer Paradigm, we can take photos inside of your business to provide a unique opportunity for people to view your store before even arriving. For some, this feature would be something just for fun, an enjoyable addition. However, for others, customers may well decide to visit your business, or not, depending on how they feel about how the inside of your business appears. This makes all the difference for businesses that host events, business functions, and other resort-type establishments where the feel of the area is literally the selling point.

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There are a wide range of benefits to profit from by optimizing your Google+ Local page. For starters, Google Places is a free Google Service and you can’t easily beat free. It makes things easier overall for users and allows for more traffic to be driven to both your website and storefront from new and returning customers.


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