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Exploring the integration of Facebook with Apple products

Apple decides to harmonize with Facebook


Everyone is swooning over the new Macbooks and Apple gadgets, with amazing image clarity, a sleeker design (if possible) and the esteem with Apple products. Let’s get down to what really matters, what are the capabilities? What are the new features that are going to make one Apple product out-do the next? I think they got it right this time, with Facebook integration. Their goal in the past has not been to avoid Facebook, since they have always had their app  in store, but they haven’t necessarily been making sharing through Facebook a one step process. While browsing on my Ipad2 I find incredible YouTube videos that I want to share. But, here are the steps I have to go through to post the Video on my Facebook wall.





1. Open the YouTube App

2. Hold and Copy the YouTube URL

3. Open my Facebook App

4. Go to my personal Facebook Wall

5. Paste the YouTube link into my status

6. Post – The worst thing about this post, is it does not give you the image snippet, it just posts the YouTube link that is not even enticing to view.


Let’s see, that is 4 steps too many. Ask me now, how many YouTube videos do I post to my Facebook wall through my Ipad2? None. That’s right, I don’t, because I have done the process once, it didn’t yield the correct results, I don’t do it again. But now, the game has changed with the Facebook app working in harmony with Apple products the ability to share is but two simple steps in my day.

The Facebook integration will be the greatest achievement of the new Apple iOS 6 and Mac OS X Lion. All the social media fiends that need to share every bit of information they find interesting will have the luxury of sharing at will. Share your photos, links, new app finds and even location to Facebook without ever having to open your Facebook App. The new process is a beautiful 2 step dance.

1. Find something interesting while browsing the web

2. Share that on Facebook

Apple – Best Facebook experience?

Apple boasts best Facebook ExperienceNo awards yet, but Apple is well known for pushing the limits of possibilities. Not to mention we all have access to Siri, I remember when that was futuristic. Apple’s goal is to create the best Facebook experience on any mobile device. Since trends are showing a steady increase in websites being visited through a mobile device, focusing on creating the best experience on the Iphone makes complete sense.

What can Facebook Expect?

The big social media buzz for the last Apple iOS 5 was the full integration of Twitter. After the release of Apple products with the Twitter integrated systems there was an astounding increase in Twitter sign-ups. Almost half of all photos that have been Tweeted have come from a iOS 5 platform. With the trends that Twitter saw, I can only expect that Facebook is excited for the increase in social media shares through iOS 6.

What can Apple Expect?

Social Media is a powerful force, there are no doubts there. Apple has decided to integrate Facebook into their App Store. When users visit the Apple App store and are signed in they will be able to see what apps their friends recommend, they can also like a new app that they have just downloaded and be easily encourage their friends to download it as well. Having social media play a role in the Apple app store will also give users a better picture of the quality and usability of each app. If their friends have also downloaded it, there is a higher probability that they will also enjoy the usability of that app.


There are many reasons behind this harmony of Facebook and Apple, but on a reactive position this could be Apple’s fix to ensuring that users don’t only participate in apps through the new Facebook app page. The battle for Social Media dominance continues.

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