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Erie, CO Website Design & Development

Looking for a Web Designer in Erie, Colorado?

We’re only 15 minutes away, down South Boulder Road.
Our team of 16 Website Designers is here to help.

While we do not currently have a web design office in Erie, Colorado,
we’re located only 15 minutes away by driving. A little bit more if you’re on
public transportation or are riding your bike.

If you’re in the process of looking for a Website Designer in Erie, Colorado
to help create a new, cutting-edge website, or simply make content and design
changes to your existing site, Customer Paradigm’s team of website developers
and designers can help.

Our offices are located in south Boulder, so you won’t even need to come all
the way into the center of Boulder from Erie. It’s quick, fast and easy
to find us and work with us.

  • We can design a new web site from scratch, or work with an existing designer.
  • We’re great at updating existing sites with new content, or changing the
  • If you need help adding new components to your site, like a content management
    system, eCommerce shopping cart, blog, calendar or event registration system,
    we can help.
  • Our web programming team is just fifteen minutes from Erie, Colorado,
    and can take a look at your site and make recommendations for how to better
    optimize your site, so that it will be indexed more easily by search engines.
  • The name of our company is Customer Paradigm. We try to always think in
    a customer-centric way, and look out for the best interests of your end customers.
    We know that when we can create cutting-edge media and marketing campaigns
    that make the lives of your end customers better, faster, cheaper, easier,
    everyone wins.
  • We have a real office in south Boulder (off of Table Mesa – South Boulder
    Road), where you can come in and meet face-to-face with your designer and
    project manager.

The Customer Paradigm website design difference – located just 15 minutes from
Erie, CO:

  • Our team of Website designers is here in Boulder, Colorado. No need to try
    to work with someone who works out of their basement five states away!
  • We try to always answer the phone, and call you back promptly.
  • You work directly with a web designer as well as a project manager, and
    have their direct phone number and email address.
  • We stand behind our work.
  • We give back to the community through pro-bono or discounted work with non-profit
    organizations whose missions are to make the world a better place.
  • Many of our team commutes to work in Boulder by bicycle, and we strive to
    have a low-carbon footprint.
  • Everyone in the organization is dedicated to looking out for the best interests
    of your end customer.
  • We are always staying ahead of the technology curve to bring you proven
    technologies, strategies and tactics that can help make your business or organization
    more money.

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