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What strategy do you use to engage with your customers on Social Media?

Brand engagement with consumers is meant to make their target audience aware that they exist and also to retain customers by getting them interested in the brand to the point where they say, “Yes, I want to learn more.” Engagement is a form of brand awareness to keep your company top of mind in the consumer’s eyes. Coca-Cola does an excellent job of this by making their brand more than just a carbonated beverage.

Their brand is associated with celebrations, family and friends, America, doing good for others, holidays, and more. Coca-Cola isn’t just a soda company; they have a story and a lifestyle that people want to be a part of. Social Media Engagement works to entice your target into wanting to be part of your world and have you be a part of theirs whether it is through purchasing, having conversations, or being informed.

35% of Facebook Fans like a page so that they can participate in contests being ran.

Do you engage customers to keep your business top of mind?

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Engage with your customers via Digital Marketing

Engage with your customers.  Photo by Jeff Finkelstein, beach in Tel Aviv.

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In a world where the first place many people look to learn about a company is online, having clear, concise, and effective messages on each of your pages is not only crucial for making sure your customers understand what you are trying to tell them but also to reinforce your brand. People come to your website looking for information that’s relevant to what they are searching for through keywords. Once they get to your site and your valuable information isn’t written to be understood and engaging, they will leave.

Not only will they continue to purchase your product or service, but they will also speak highly of your business to others too. By offering references and acting as salesmen, there is no better form of marketing than word-of-mouth from existing customers. This is not possible if you do not engage your customers and remind them of why they should continue shopping with you.

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By focusing on your brand, target, and products, we use many tactics to engage existing customers through social media—images, videos, written content, jokes, sweepstakes, contests, giveaways, polls, replying to comments, and anything else the mind can imagine can be used. We focus on customer service and response through the various social media platforms because people want to know that they are important and valued. The whole idea of Social Media is to socialize and interact, and if this is done well, you will be engaging your customers on multiple levels. We work on positive and constructive interactions, which build up how your customers perceive your brand. In the end, they will not be able to help but think about you.

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By properly engaging your customers, you will be able to increase customer retention, keep your brand top of mind, build trust and confidence for your business, and develop your brand’s perception and image. Engaging customers is also very important for seasonal items and brands. When months go by before customers start thinking of buying products or services you offer, it is essential to remind them throughout the year that you still exist.

For instance, around Thanksgiving or Christmas, what company comes to mind when picturing a delicious Honey Baked Ham? For Valentine’s or Mother’s Day, who comes to mind for greeting cards? Or around flu and cold season, which medicine companies do you trust to relieve your symptoms? Point being, Neither HoneyBaked Ham, Hallmark, nor Nyquil promote themselves all year long, but rather begin when their seasons are approaching. They engage their customers at the right time, and as a result, we all know their name even when we haven’t purchased their products for a long time.


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