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Is Your Website Healthy?

A website diagnostic is a technical overview of your website for http status code errors and SEO errors. The diagnostic report is a direct indication of the health of your website. Fixing the diagnostic errors will set you up for better future user experience and SEO success.

Does your website have unknown errors?

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Is your website healthy?

Does your website have a flat tire? We can help make sure that everything is working 100%. Photo by Jeff Finkelstein, Teaching Teens to Change Tires, Boulder, Colorado.


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A diagnostic report reveals errors about your website that search engines such as Google see. The report can show simple errors such as a missing title to serious errors like a 500 server error. Through the report we are able to discover errors and resolve them to improve user experience and SEO value.

For example, a 404 error will be handled with a 301 redirect, which can increase user experience by directing people to a new page rather than showing a page that does not exist.

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We run a diagnostic report on your website to reveal all the possible errors. Once the errors are found, we then go through each type of error and diagnose the best course of action to heal the foundation of your website. The diagnosis for each error depends on multiple factors within your website from the overall strength of your website, the structure, your main goals, and even your branding.

Each website will be handled differently to have the most effective and long-lasting results. Whenever possible, we implement fixes that will be long lasting and prevent future errors of the same type from reoccurring. When necessary, we also make sure your internal business processes are in line with your website to avoid errors and succeed.

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As a business owner you are able to receive valuable information from a search engine’s perspective. Once the diagnostic errors are fixed, your website is set up with the strongest possible diagnostic foundation to continue to grow.


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