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Welcome to your Nest Energy Report. This is a summary of how much energy you’ve used heating or cooling your home in April, plus some tips to help you save more. We think what we’ve sent today is a pretty good start, but it’s your energy and your home, so we want to hear from you.

Nest Energy Report for
Customer Paradigm
April 1 – April 30

Summary for Customer Paradigm for April

Cooling this month went up 3 hours. Monthly Comparison We’ve averaged the data for your 2 thermostats. Check Energy History on the Web or Mobile app to see exactly when your system was on.
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Leafs icon

Your Nests earned 60 Leafs

Your average per thermostat: 30 Leafs.

The national average: 21 Leafs this month.

Congratulations! You’re in the top 5% in the United States.

You earn a Leaf by saving energy for at least an hour a day. Learn about the Leaf

Leafs Calendar
Away icon

Auto-Away turned on 21 times

The national average: 7 times this month.

Nest turned on Auto-Away for 66 hours this month.

You choose the temperature Nest sets itself to during Auto-Away, so make sure it’s energy efficient. More about Auto-Away

Auto-Away Calendar

You turned Away on for 13 days

The national average: 3 days this month.

You turned on Away for 68 hours this month.

If you’re setting Away on daily basis, you may want to simply adjust your schedule instead.
How to change your schedule

Away Calendar
Off icon

You turned Nest off for 17 days

The national average: 1 day this month.

Good work. Turning Nest off is a great idea in mild Springtime weather.

Off Calendar

What can you do to save more energy?

With mild spring weather, Nest’s schedule might turn on your heating or cooling when you don’t need it. Just set Nest to Away or Off if your house is staying comfortable on its own.


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