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Customer Paradigm to donate $2,000 of SEO work to local businesses affected by floods.A few of the team at Customer Paradigm were affected by the recent floods. A few wet basements, one completely flooded apartment, and one programmer who has decided to hang out at his house up one of the canyons (he has 4 weeks of food and an Internet connection). But we fared much better than most.

Most of what we’re hearing right now are stories about how families are flooded, ripping out carpet, and replacing furnaces.

But Boulder’s small businesses are also affected. Unless you sell shop vacs and bleach, some local businesses have seen a drop in sales.

Here at Customer Paradigm, we wanted to figure out what we could do. That would have an impact. Sure, we could collect canned food, or help rip out carpet.

But what could we do that could really help a few of Boulder’s small businesses?

Customer Paradigm is giving away $2,000 worth of search engine marketing and optimization to two local businesses in Boulder County (they will receive $1,000 each in SEO services) that were impacted by the flood. Perhaps your location didn’t take on water, but you saw a big drop in sales.

To apply, please use the comments field below. Please (a) tell us the name of your business, and (b) how your business was affected by the recent flood, and (c) let us know why your Boulder, Colorado business would benefit from $1,000 in search engine marketing assistance.

Please note: your business must be located Boulder County, Colorado.  All submissions must be received before October 15, 2013. View more photos of the flooding in Boulder >>

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