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Custom Application Development

Customer Paradigm continues to develop software applications with a strict process which has proven to deliver each individuals list of requirements. It is very important to us that we efficiently serve your time and technical needs for each application. Our goal is to not only meet, but also to exceed expectations and find increased functionality for your business. With our experience we have run across many problems and are equipped to identify problems earlier and resolve programming issues swiftly.

Custom Application Development is an investment. It is always worth investing in if its new ability improves your business process and ultimately your bottom line. Many businesses need their data to be formatted in a way that is useful to them. Instead of spending many hours taking the data from one system to another there are option to streamline the information into one smooth process. Every time you sit at work and say, “I wish it could just do this…” know that it is possible. Or when you are searching the web for a program that will work for your data needs, we have the ability to build it from scratch to fulfill your requirements.

Custom Application Development







1. We Want to Succeed

We will take your project if we are 100% positive we can accomplish your desired functionality.

2. We Take the Time to Communicate

We understand that business is built on great relationships. When working with Customer Paradigm you will have the ability to reach your project manager on the phone. We assign a manager to your project that does not change as your custom application is being developed.

3. Internal QA Testing

What’s an application if it doesn’t work? We have a full internal quality assurance testing process where we run through the functionality after your application is built to ensure satisfaction.

4. 100% Contract Responsibility

We take full responsibility to fulfill what is listed in our contract. If it is the contract and it wasn’t fulfilled, it is our fault and on our dime.

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Our Core Strengths:


Operating Systems Linux
Programming Languages PHP, ZEND, MySQL, OOPHP
Internet Technologies XML, HTML, DHTML, SSL, AJAX, WML, XSL
Distributed Technology COM, SOAP, RMI, EJB, CORBA, DCOM
Web Servers & Applications Tomcat, Apache
Database Development MySQL
Graphics & Web Design Programs Adobe Applications, Corel Draw, Flash Applications, Macromedia Director

Our Methodology

Customer Paradigm stands out among the crowd of software application development companies in that we have a full in-house team of developers. The best part of working with us is that when you have a question, it’s as simple as picking up the phone and calling us at 303.473.4400 and asking for your project manager. We have an efficient process to organize the steps towards success and completing your custom program.


Design Foundation

Design Foundation for Custom Application Development


It is important to design your project based on goals. First we call you, and discuss what exactly you need your custom application to accomplish. We must always define the problem before creating solutions, our goal is to make solutions which resonate in your business culture.

In today’s world of over information we understand and expect that there may not be a single goal, but multiple goals which you need to achieve. The best way to tackle multiple goals is to handle them as individual goals that work together in the larger picture.

Existing Foundations

If there is software out there that we can build on which has been proven to work by our developers we will use those systems and augment them to meet your multiple goals. Our logic behind this is that there is no need to build what has already been built.

Coding Foundations

At Customer Paradigm we always perform a thorough code audit to ensure things are running smoothly on your system before we begin building an application on top of your existing coding. From years of experience we have found this to be the best solution when working with custom applications to ensure the performance and reliability of the system when your application is ready to go.

Agile Development

Agile Development Methodology Custom Applications

Customer Paradigm development is always performed by taking steps towards achieving our end goals. With many years of software experience we work with Agile development methodologies. Agile software development is based on incremental development where a strategy is implemented and tested. This is a continuous cycle for each incremental achievement, where development is rapid and responsive.

The strengths of agile development is the ability to deliver software as a form of progress as the development cycle continues. In order for agile development to succeed developers must be in close operation while working in order to communicate effectively which makes Customer Paradigm’s in-house team even stronger for development.

Agile development focuses on accomplishing small tasks within time frames, so each project will have many milestones to completion. This ensures that as you take steps towards the final product you can track where versions might fail, which minimizes the overall risk. We love this form of development because we accomplish goals in an efficient amount of time and avoid wasting your time and resources.

Quality Assurance

Every project we work on is our pride to present. We are constantly working to bring you the solution to your problems, not hand you a greater problem to figure out. At Customer Paradigm testing is important, and for any great custom software development company that should be true. We ensure quality by testing throughout each phase of development, not only a single developer but circulated throughout the office for functionality and usability. Through rigorous testing we work hard to find all the wrinkles to present you the best product possible.

Our QA method is a systematic monitoring process to find errors and develop feedback. This is done through generating test scripts and scenarios which a user may go through. Our inspection process may be tedious, but that is only due to our goal of clean coding and functionality.

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