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I needed to create a few audio mp3 files for a website, but needed to do it in a hurry.

Instead of running home to get advanced audio equipment, I just used the voice recorder function on the iPhone 4S.

After recording a file, I used the “Share” button to email the file to myself.  At this point, the file was in the .m4a file format.

I saved each file (renaming it from memo.m4a to something more descriptive), and then imported them into iTunes.

I then did the “Create mp3 version” tab in iTunes, and went to the iTunes library to grab the files.

I then uploaded via FTP to the site, linked to them, and it’s done.

Probably a little better quality with professional recording equipment, but this was the quick / fast / easy way to generate the mp3 audio files and post them up to the website.

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