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Are Your Social Media Efforts Effective?

When it comes to the content and posts you generate and share through your various social media platforms, it is critical to learn how well that content performed overall. Otherwise, you have nothing to build from in making it better the next time around. Essentially, there are three basic points you will be tracking and keeping note of for managing content: 1) Are people engaging with your post?, 2) Is the content they are landing on interesting and relevant?, and 3) Is it driving traffic to and through your site?

Social Media Metrics contribute to over 7% of the total value inherent in ranking factors.

Do you adjust your online marketing strategy based on actual performance?

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Social Media Metrics

Are your social media metrics measurable? Are you planting the seeds for future growth? Photo by Jeff Finkelstein, Boulder, CO.

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The purpose of content management for Social Media is to essentially understand how well your content performs overall. This is essential for developing or adjusting both your content and Social Media strategies. Any and all changes made to a social media strategy moving forward should come from hard data and statistics you’ve gathered through your content management process.

For example, a Guest Blog you’ve written received 500 comments on the site it was published. However, there were no shares whatsoever on any Social Media. What might that mean? Without a proper plan, format, or system in place, you won’t know what you’re doing right, or wrong.

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At Customer Paradigm, we have a 6-point plan of action that makes up our Social Media Content Management Strategy: Plan, Create, Track, Analyze, Adjust, and Repeat. We begin with creating a sound Plan, which involves determining what type of content to create, which Social Media Platforms to use, and the metrics we intend to track to determine success or failure. Next, we create the content and share it accordingly. We then Track that content over time to measure its engagement through shares, tweets, +1s, and the like. We view comments for feedback and generally watch all actions occurring around a piece of content.

Once all the data is gathered, we Analyze it and make Adjustments accordingly. Finally, we Repeat that process without end to continually refine the overall strategy. As a result, your site’s overall rankings will increase as well, in part, due to the Social Media Metrics tracked by search engines. These metrics include, but are not limited to, the quantity and quality of tweeted links, Facebook Shares, and Google +1s. Unless you know all that occurs and happens surrounding the content you generate, there is no way to know how to make it better in the future, nor whether it is doing well now. The only way you can make anything better is to first realize that something should be changed, that simply cannot happen with content unless you follow and track it.

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In the end, the greatest benefit to be had from properly managing your off-site content is that all future content and the means by which it is shared should be made better. You will have a greater understanding of what people want to read, what they want to see, when they want to view it, and what social media sites that content is received best on. With an overall better process and understanding comes with it more relevant traffic to your site for better leads and conversions.


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