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Is your company viewed as it should be?

Branding is a way of differentiating products from mere commodities. Beyond that, it is a way of separating and distinguishing your business from your competitors. It is the means by which consumers know that when they purchase a certain brand, they can expect a certain level of quality from it. A well-respected Brand can also have the additional (and quite remarkable) effect of increasing the overall perception of the quality of a product or service.

There are multiple factors that come together and form an overall brand: Mission Statement, Personality, Identity, Objectives, Target, Position, Packaging, and Identity. A strong brand is memorable, innovative, and has a good relationship with its customers.

42% of consumers on Facebook and Twitter have mentioned a Brand in a status update.

Does your brand encourage your customers to talk about it?

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Do you know how your brand is perceived? Are people happy or annoyed? Photo by Jeff Finkelstein, Gorilla at the National Zoo in Washington, DC.


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When it comes to Brand Management, nothing is more important than actually understanding how consumers view it. The overall image of a brand at times is often more important that the services or products being offered. What does it matter how good you are at anything if no one trusts or likes you? Brand Management has never been easier for businesses to handle, so long as they give it the time of day. A lot of branding is being managed through Social Media these days so it is critical to understand how these platforms can be used to understand, interact, win over, and persuade customers.

Social media is a unique tool for companies to cultivate their brands through interacting directly with their customers and having the data and analytics to make educated decisions in regards to branding, promotions, etc. Many people follow brands on social media because they relate to the brand and want direction in the brand lifestyle.

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At Customer Paradigm, we focus on understanding your brand and guiding it in a direction that is responsive to your target on social media. We believe that the brand personality and design should reflect the website and the business values. Uniformity between Social Media Accounts and the actual standards of the business is critical to gaining customer trust. As such, we diligently strive to keep those in line.

In addition, brands have a great opportunity to build a strong relationship with their customers by providing excellent customer service and having conversations through social media. We help to monitor and respond professionally to these interactions and in turn, having a deeper understanding of your target market.

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Having a strong brand online through social media increases overall trust, understanding, and respect in your industry and among customers. With these things come more loyal customers and curious leads who usually find themselves wanting more from your brand and a relationship to keep up with.


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