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We love to help our customers shoot for the moon with their Websites and interactive marketing campaigns. So in that fashion, I was up a bit early today to watch the full moon lunar eclipse, known as the blood moon, high over Boulder, Colorado.

In case you missed it, or it was cloudy at 4:15 am (as it was in New York), I’ve posted the photos here. Enjoy!

Oh, if you’re wondering why the moon turns red… Have you ever seen the red glow of the sun in the early morning or at sunset? When the Earth is right between the Sun and the Moon, the sun’s rays shine through Earth’s atmosphere. All the Earth’s air turns the sunlight red; this is what shines on the surface of the moon.

This morning’s full moon, lunar eclipse, taken over Boulder, Colorado.

Full Moon Lunar EclipseTech specs: Canon 5D Mark III, 1,600 mm, 1/2 second exposure, f/22, ISO 5,000. View Full Size Image >>

Another view of the blood moon… caused by the Sun’s rays shining through the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s really, really faint, so I had to crank up the ISO to crazy levels.

Blood Moon - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Tech specs: Canon 5D Mark III, 1,600 mm, 1/6 second exposure, f/22, ISO 20,000. View Full Size Image >>

Here’s the partially eclipsed moon, as the Earth’s shadow begins to block the full moon:

Partial Eclipse MoonTech specs: Canon 5D Mark III, 1,600 mm, 1/50 second exposure, f/22, ISO 100. View Full Size Image >>

Here’s the full moon over Boulder, Colorado, before the eclipse:

Full Moon Over Boulder, CO

Tech specs: Canon 5D Mark III, 1,600 mm, 1/50 second exposure, f/22, ISO 100. View Full Size Image >>

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