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eCommerce Blogging

What is eCommerce Blogging?Magento eCommerce Blogging

Blogging provides businesses with opportunities far beyond simply creating and running a website.

Because blogs are less formal, more interactive, and  focused on industry issues—as opposed to just the company’s offerings—they provide a forum that is viewed much differently by readers than a vendor website. Blogs are seen as key sources of information rather than just promotion and are a pivotal part of a complete social media strategy.

Why Should Customer Paradigm Maintain my Blog?

In order for your website to be highly ranked in popular search engines like Google, it needs to be updated with fresh, relevant content regularly—and the more, the better. Don’t have the time to write it yourself? No problem—let us do it for you. Our Search Engine Optimization team can create and maintain a WordPress blog for your business, updated regularly with engaging and strategic content designed to raise your rankings. Using WordPress as a blog platform means that you’ll have a wealth of plug-ins at your disposal to help optimize the content posted for search engines—and we’ll provide you with a  tutorial so you know exactly how to use your blog. No matter what your organization, we can craft blog posts incorporating high-volume keywords and relevant content to draw more traffic to your site. And with constant monitoring and detailed reports at the end of the month, you’ll be able to see exactly how your blog is helping raise your search rankings and making you more visible to customers. When you have information your customers are interested in regularly posted to your site, search engines like Google reward you.

How Does a Blog Benefit Me?

A blog will help your company establish expertise and credibility in your field. Your website is about your product or service, and the benefits it provides to buyers. If your offering is unique, your blog provides a platform for demonstrating your industry understanding and insights that led to your approach. Even more importantly, if your product or service is difficult to differentiate, a blog gives you a way to create differentiation via your knowledge. Creating that level of expertise might be the only way to truly compete in tougher markets. Blogs are very powerful in terms of SEO for four reasons:

• Thought Leadership: Search engines are looking to create a live bibliography of the web, therefore, since blogs are conduits of expertise and information, search engines often give more authority to blogs.

• Recency: Blog content is typically updated much more frequently than commercial website content, providing an advantage in real-time search results.

• Link Bait: Due to the informational nature of the content, blog posts are more likely to draw natural links (e.g. from news stories, articles and other blogs) than an eCommerce website’s content.   A blog is a viable option for every company, they provide a powerful complement to standard websites with unique strengths for building a brand’s online presence and impact.

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